Blessing Not Burden | January 26, 2018
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Negative rhetoric about immigrants — about people beloved by God — is now turning into harmful immigration policy. Congress and the Trump administration are in the midst of negotiating legislation for a solution for DACA, which could impose detrimental changes to our family immigration system, reduce legal immigration, among other measures. 

Tell your members of Congress that you support an immigration compromise that offers a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers and promotes family unity.

You joined the Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden campaign to change the conversation about immigration and this work continues to be a critical Christian witness. The Christian Reformed Church has a stance on immigration — and it hasn’t changed since 2010’s Synod mandate. Today, it is more important than ever that we remind ourselves what our values are.

The CRC is committed to advocating for an immigration policy that:

  • Treats people with dignity, as image-bearers of God. People do not “merit” dignity through their potential economic contributions or their country of origin; they are inherently full of worth, and all Christians should hold government officials accountable to reflecting that deep value in any policy negotiation.
  • Supports family unity.  Proposed reductions in visas for family-based immigration, based on the false premise of “chain migration,” would severely limit legal ways that immigrants can come — and particularly impact the ability for people to stay united with their families. The church cares deeply about the unity of the family, and advocates for more — not fewer — visas that keep families together.
  • Allows the government to enforce justice. The government reflects God’s justice when it upholds laws that are fair, and when it changes laws which cannot be justly upheld. Attempts to increase enforcement of our current immigration law (through deportations, for example), must be balanced with changing the ways that our current laws harm people and families. 
  • Ensures a secure border and fairness to taxpayers. Ensuring a secure border is a critical role that the government must play. Priority should be placed on investing in smart solutions that address the most important security issues, that are fiscally responsible, and that do not sacrifice people's dignity, the rights of border communities, and the safety of all people — especially children and families.
  • Establishes a path toward legal status and/or citizenship. We need a solution to the longstanding plight of Dreamers, but that solution must not leave behind the millions of other immigrants who find themselves vulnerable because of the broken U.S. immigration system. A bill that addresses the situation of Dreamers is one step of many that must be taken to ensure that U.S. immigration policy is sufficiently reformed.

We ask that you continue voicing these values as Congress attempts to find common ground on immigration. Tell Congress to support an immigration compromise that provides citizenship for Dreamers but does not limit family immigration.

Learn more about recent proposals in Congress and from the administration:

White House Reveals It’s Framework on Immigration - “It outlines the administration’s legislative wish list around border security, a 10 to 12 year-path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA-eligible immigrants, dramatic cuts to family reunification, and the elimination of the Diversity Visa.”

The Securing America’s Future Act, in the House, is threatening Dreamer’s chances for a permanent solution. This bill would create an indefinite temporary status for Dreamers, rather than citizenship, separate and harm families, reduce the pathways to legal immigration, and more. Be sure to tell Congress you oppose these measures here.