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Quarterly News Fall

Upholding Treaties 

Inequalities that led to deaths in Indigenous communities during H1N1 are still here during the COVID-19 pandemic.  These inequalities are on display for Canadians to judge, in the lack of clean water and housing security, further heightened during the pandemic.  We continue to see many of the darkest responses of Canadians to Indigenous people, hidden but not quite hidden, in the comments of online articles when those articles are about asking for aid or stating a state of emergency.

These kinds of comments show ignorance and an ugly side of Canada especially to the Canadians that are working hard towards reconciliation.  These moments matter and speak volumes on the value we place on Indigenous people.  As Christians, we need to consider how much more we are responsible as we are also held accountable in the eyes of God.  So in the quarter we encourage you to reflect on this question.  What would it look like to uphold treaties during a pandemic?   

Hearts Exchanged

The first cohorts of Hearts Exchanged are beginning in Edmonton and Halifax! 

You can read more about the initial stages of the Hearts Exchanged learning experience in this article.


We've been digging around in our archive and found this great video of a 2016 talk given by Michele Visser-Wikkerink!  She  discusses "Contextualization in Canada: The Canadian Urban and Indigenous Context.' Set some time aside to watch this video.

Do Justice Highlight 

"Now let me add another character to the scene: Indigenous culture is like the first wife of the husband whom he has confined to the basement. The husband came in with force, made her sign the deeds to her beautiful home. While she was under the impression that this covenant would allow them to share the home as partners, he redecorated it into his own image and culture."  Read the rest of Jeremiah Basuric's metaphor here.

Catch Up with Us!

We had so much fun connecting with this year's Youth Ambassadors of Reconciliation! 

Read more reflections from these participants!

Build Reconciliation 

You can help us support healing and reconciliation between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous people in Canada. 

Connect with Us 

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