Action Alert: January 25, 2018

The Office of Social Justice works with our Canadian partner, the Christian Reformed Centre for Public Dialogue, to provide advocacy opportunities for Canadians.

Have a Heart for First Nations kids

This week could be a historic one for Indigenous children in Canada. The Minister of Indigenous Services, Jane Philpott, has called an emergency meeting on Indigenous child welfare, comparing the current situation to the horrors of the residential school system.

Canada has been racially discriminating against 165,000 First Nations children by providing inadequate access to social services, according to a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruling.

As the Christian Reformed Church in Canada, we formally committed to continuing to work for equitable and culturally-appropriate education for Indigenous kids at the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Now is the moment to raise our voices, both in prayer and advocacy, for a Canada where Indigenous children finally have equal opportunities to flourish. This could be a turning point for Indigenous children.

Contact your MP and ask them to have a heart for First Nations kids!