Blessing Not Burden | September 20, 2018
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The Trump administration has announced drastic cuts to the number of refugees that the United States plans to resettle during the upcoming 2019 fiscal year. The refugee admission cap has been set at 30,000.

This is a 33% decrease from the current year, and the lowest number of refugees admitted to the country since the creation of the Refugee Resettlement Program in 1980. President Trump already set the admission cap at 45,000 for 2018, which was a drastic cut, and historic low -- and in practice, only 21,000 individuals will actually be resettled.

Scripture reminds us that when we welcome the stranger in our midst, we are welcoming Christ among us. As fellow image bearers, we both know that God commands us to care for our vulnerable neighbors and that refugees in turn will bless our communities.

Call & email Congress today to protect refugee resettlement!

Read the Christian Reformed Church of North America’s statement on U.S. Refugee Admissions.