OSJ Creation Care Update | May 31, 2017
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3 Things You Can Do to Defend the Paris Agreement

Reports out today suggest that President Trump is leaning toward pulling out of the Paris Agreement, and could make his announcement any day now. This would be detrimental for developing communities, and it breaks apart years of work towards a multinational agreement that would benefit all participants.  

But, there is still time to speak out in support of the Paris Agreement. Here are 3 easy things, from our partners at Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, you can do right now:

  1. Call the White House now and let President Trump know that you support the Paris Agreement! Call 202-456-1414. Follow the instructions to leave your comment! You will be on hold for a bit, but you will reach someone. As young Christians, we understand that acting on climate is one of the most important moral imperatives of our time. Calling the White House now is a crucial way to make your voice heard and stand up for climate action.
  2. Submit a comment online at Feel free to use the following sample script as a guide:

     As a Christian, I am deeply troubled by the news reports indicating that President Trump is leaning toward pulling out of the Paris Agreement. While imperfect, the Paris Agreement is the world's first consensus roadmap toward avoiding catastrophic global warming and its devastating impacts, both for U.S. residents and our global neighbors around the world. It must be strengthened, not weakened. Acting to address climate change is one of the greatest moral imperatives of our time. I urge the President to remain in the Paris Agreement and to make every effort to meet our national commitments under it. Thank you.

  3. Tomorrow, add your voice publicly by joining the #ActOnClimate Twitterstorm at 12pm ET. Let's get the hashtag trending and let everyone know that young evangelicals demand climate action and support the Paris Agreement. Feel free to use the sample tweets below to join in!