Office of Social Justice News | March 2019

We’re Hiring! Apply for the Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellowship

Our office is hiring! If you are interested in faith, policy, and social justice, apply for our Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellowship. The deadline to apply is March 22. Apply here!

The fellowship is a 1-year full-time paid position offered to recent college or university graduates. The fellow helps our office develop and assist in timely and effective advocacy and mobilizing strategies relating to selected issues of U.S. and Canadian policies, especially those that benefit the poor and oppressed. They will gain invaluable hands-on experience in real world advocacy and faith-based mobilizing.



Church Between Borders is on a roll

Our immigration team has been active in education efforts this winter! In Michigan, Illinois, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, and elsewhere, CRC and RCA members have been learning how the church can engage faithfully on the issue of immigration. Our Church Between Borders workshops are a great opportunity to learn how the U.S. immigration system works, its history, and what biblical advocacy on immigration looks like today.

Interested in hosting it at your church? Email Melissa Stek at or learn more on our website.


Support Bipartisan Climate Solutions!

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act will drive down America’s carbon pollution and address climate change, while unleashing American technology innovation. This policy puts a fee on fossil fuels and will drive down carbon pollution because energy companies, leading industries, and American consumers will move toward cleaner, cheaper options.

This bill has received bipartisan support, will reduce carbon emissions, put money in the pockets of Americans, create jobs in clean energy, and operate as revenue neutral, thus the government will not keep any collected revenue.

Ask your Member of Congress to support the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act!


Freedom for Victims and Buyers in the Sex Trade

by Jennifer Lucking of Restorations Second Stage Homes

“Some critiques of John Schools suggest that this one-day program is insufficient in addressing why men choose to purchase sexual services. What are the reasons driving their decisions? Pressure from peers, family, friends or colleagues to demonstrate manliness or masculinity? Views on the value and dignity of women and girls? Sadness? Loneliness?

This is where I see faith communities filling the gap.”

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Community in Corrections

“The core of transformative justice is the community and the offenders working to help heal the harm that’s caused by whatever happened…. ‘When I started learning about restorative justice it was through being a Christian and recognizing that the teaching of Jesus is really important to restorative justice,’” said Glen Flett, a former inmate and founder of a farm program for prisoners.

People of faith in Canada as well as the Correctional Services Canada (CSC) explore the use of healing lodges, a form of rehabilitation rooted in Indigenous healing values and communities, as a means of restoring relationship and reducing recidivism.

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Abortions of Down Syndrome Babies

“She works at a Dollarama and is an aunt to one, soon to be two, little ones. Last month she helped me pick out some baby clothes for my first niece, arriving in a few months! I love to bake with her too – her hands work far better than mine. She also lives with Down syndrome.

Parents like Christine’s and Zachary’s are a minority in our world.”

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Anniversary of Murder of Coptic Orthodox Christians in Libya

Last month marked the fourth anniversary of the murder of the 21 Coptic Orthodox Christians by Daesh in Libya, most of whom were impoverished migrant workers. To mark the anniversary of this martyrdom, a gathering was organized by a Coptic Orthodox Church in London.

“For as long as we fail to address the issue of religious persecution adequately, the future of religious groups, and especially religious minorities, remains under threat,” writes Ewelina U. Ochab.

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An American Theology to Die for

by Reggie Smith

“I think King would not allow the church to go on her merry way without a bold critique of her life and witness. He might have insisted the American church can only find her soul again by finding a theology worth dying for again.

Where can one look for a theology worth dying for? Ancient Israel’s entire view of God was seen through the prism of the Exodus. The book of Exodus begins with Israel operating under the theology of Egypt. The Egyptian theological vision was naked, concentrated power under the auspices of Pharaoh as a god.”

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Youth Ambassador of Reconciliation Program

What can one young person do to seek reconciliation? You can act as a bridge between your church community and a local Indigenous community.

Youth Ambassadors of Reconciliation participate in a week long cross-cultural reconciliation journey in Southern Ontario and develop a Reconciliation Action Plan within their community. Open to Canadian youth.

Apply today!

from our partners at the Canadian Indigenous Ministry Committee, Office of Race Relations, and World Renew

Ask your MP to Support Bold Climate Action!

Canada’s current goal is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 30% below 2005 emissions by 2030, though a 2018 report found that the federal government’s current climate plan will fall short of its stated goals.

As an expression of love for God’s awesome creation, let your MP know that you, as a person of faith, want meaningful climate action – consistent with the principles of the Paris Agreement – to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and address climate change.

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