OSJ Action Alert: October 23, 2018

Support Immigrants & Oppose Changes
to the Public Charge!

The Trump administration has announced that legal immigrants in the United States who meet the strict criteria needed to legally use public benefits -- such as food assistance and Section 8 housing vouchers -- could now be denied green cards under a new “Public Charge” rule change. The move could force hard-working immigrants to stop accessing programs that their families need out of fear that they will now risk their legal immigration status.

Here’s why this matters to:

People of Faith

  • This ruling targets low-income immigrants and views them primarily as financial assets to the United States, and that lens through which to view immigrants is a direct affront to who God says we are as people.

HealthCare Professionals

  • Five physicians’ associations issued a joint statement that said the proposed regulation, if implemented, would force immigrants and their families to forgo public health services, potentially threatening the health of entire communities.


  • Limiting access to these programs makes the jobs of educators much harder. Children who are hungry, have unstable housing, and limited access to healthcare are not prepared to learn and thus fall behind.

Business Owners

  • Businesses that accept Bridge Cards and SNAP benefits for groceries and consumer products will be impacted with this change.

Using these talking points, or others, and share a personal story to highlight why this ruling is damaging to immigrant families.