Blessing Not Burden | August 07, 2017
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Alarming anti-immigrant legislation that runs contrary to the church’s values is beginning to gain traction. We have an opportunity to share our values and concern with our Senators. President Trump joined two Senators to introduce S. 354, or The Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act. Claiming to protect working Americans, it aims to reduce legal immigration by 50-70%. This would negatively impact all of us by harming the economy, social fabric, and moral character of the U.S.

We believe that immigration brings a host of blessings to our communities. We celebrate immigrants’ ingenuity, pride, strong families, hard work, and deep faith.

Speak now to proclaim that immigrants are a blessing, and urge Congress to oppose the RAISE Act.

Why we stand against this bill:

The church values diversity
The RAISE Act would significantly reduce the number of immigrants from Africa, Asia, and other non-white countries by eliminating the Diversity Visa program.

We are for families
This bill would eliminate the ability of U.S. citizens to reunite with their brothers and sisters, and parents to reunite with their adult children. It would reduce family-based immigration by potentially more than 85 percent.

We honor the dignity of work
By effectively only permitting individuals who have certain education levels, work history, English-language ability, or high-paying job offers to enter the United States, immigration will become inaccessible to the poor. With up to 70% of agricultural workers being undocumented, we need more channels for legal entry for employment, not less.

We practice radical hospitality
This bill sets the lowest annual refugee resettlement goal in U.S. history in the midst of the the largest global refugee crisis since World War II. It would limit annual refugee entry to 50,000 individuals. Now is not the moment to scale back our efforts to welcome.

What can you do?
We need your voice to make sure this bill does not go any further. Contact your Senator today to urge them to oppose this anti-immigrant bill.

It’s likely that the RAISE Act will be introduced in the House of Representatives very soon, so be sure to stay tuned for updates so we can keep the pressure up! Congress needs to hear – again and again – that immigrants are a blessing and not a burden.