Creation Care Update | March 03, 2017
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Climate Witness Project Progress


There are currently 43 active participating churches in the Climate Witness Project! So we're roughly 60 percent of the way to our goal of 70 churches! A big thanks to all of our Climate Witness Project regional organizers and partners. You’re the reason this project has been successful, and your participation will allow us to continue to advocate and educate on the issue of climate change. Help us reach our goal of 70 churches by spreading the word about the Climate Witness Project!

COS Wins ENERGY STAR Certification

Congratulations to Church of the Servant (COS) CRC for being awarded ENERGY STAR certification! COS is the first church to be given the award this year from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, and it's the second CRC church, along with the CRC headquarters in Grand Rapids, Mich., to win the honor for its energy-saving work. COS is a participating church in the Climate Witness Project. Read more about their energy-saving efforts in this article.

Help Fund World Renew Projects

World Renew is committed to helping small farmers feed their families and earn extra income through sustainable agriculture practices that protect and nourish the land. They’re now offering the opportunity to support projects that help farmers adapt to changing conditions due to climate change, such as Bocage Farming, Conservation Agriculture, and Floating Gardens. Check out the projects that need funding at
Photo courtesy of World Renew

A Story of Drought and Survival from Zambia

“The drought puts incredible strain and tension on people in so many ways. . . .  I see this as a justice issue—how climate change is afflicting the least among us the most." —Ruairidh Waddell, World Renew consultant in Zambia. Read about how the El Niño weather pattern from the past two years has affected the livelihoods of people in western Zambia.
Photo courtesy of World Renew

Will You Join Us?

Have you registered yet for the the People’s Climate March on April 29 in Washington D.C.? We’ll be there, and we hope you can join us! The Climate Witness Project and Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, Climate Caretakers, and Micah Challenge USA are organizing a group to participate in the Saturday march and then follow up with climate advocacy training on Sunday and legislative meetings on Monday. Register today!

Conservatives Make the Case for Action on Climate Change

Prominent Republicans are urging Congress and the White House to consider adopting a new market-based plan in order to address climate change. The plan proposes establishing a dividend program and a carbon tax. Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, former Climate Witness Project Coordinator and current National Organizer and Spokesperson for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, was recently featured on National Public Radio’s 1A program to discuss this plan. Listen to the segment here!

Is the Climate Witness Project important to you?

We can’t do it without you. Help continue this important work.