OSJ Creation Care Update | November 03, 2017
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We Are Headed to Germany for COP 23!

We are headed to Bonn, Germany, next week to bear witness at the Conference of Parties (COP) 23 climate negotiations! We are going as part of a coalition of Christians led by the Climate Witness Project (CWP), Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA), Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ), and Climate Caretakers. Delegates from countries around the world will gather at COP 23 to take next steps on the aims of the 2016 Paris Agreement with a focus on implementation, guidelines, continued efforts to speed up progress, and effective support for vulnerable communities who are already experiencing the impacts of climate change.

To keep you all informed on the proceedings, we will be sending out daily updates. These will serve as prayer resources throughout the conference, they will supply updates on progress and barriers, and they’ll include action steps for CWP partners in North America.

Our delegates will be participating in on-site meetings throughout COP 23, urging decision makers to hold high moral standards for our planet and our neighbors. These delegates will also be the primary authors of the daily updates, and they will write some extended blog posts. They will host a live webinar from Bonn during the first week as well, so stay tuned to sign up for that. Members of the delegation include

  • Kyle Meyaard-Schaap, national spokesperson, YECA
  • Karri Munn Venn, senior policy analyst, CPJ
  • Stephan Lutz, World Renew program consultant for Kenya, CWP
  • Brian Webb, executive director, Climate Caretakers

We will be sending out daily email updates for the duration of the negotiations (Nov. 6-17, 2017), with prayer requests and opportunities to take action. Sign up for these daily updates here!

Will you also help us invite more people to sign up to receive updates? Share this link with friends and family or on your social media, inviting people to sign up! And be sure to follow us on social media so you can tell your friends, family, and lawmakers why you are paying attention to what’s happening in Germany from Nov. 6-17.

Faith and Action at COP 23

Learn more about our Together for Faithful Climate Action at COP 23 campaign and about COP 23 in general in this blogpost from our partners at Climate Caretakers:

"Together for Faithful Climate Action at COP 23 will bring together Climate Caretakers, YoungEvangelicals for Climate Action, the Climate Witness Project, and Citizens for Public Justice as we aim to mobilize awareness about climate change as a Christian issue. We believe that our Christian faith compels us to respond in compassion with those who are impacted by climate change, and particularly for those who are the most vulnerable.

"This year's conference will particularly focus on the issue of 'oss and damage.' This concept refers to the negative impacts caused by climate change to the most impoverished countries and seeks to identify just and equitable avenues for addressing this problem." Continue reading »

NW Iowa Organizer Featured on CNN's ASPIREist Program

Lindsay Mouw, our new Northwest Iowa organizer and a 2016-17 Climate Leadership fellow and current program coordinator for Young Evangelicals for Climate Action (YECA), was recently featured on national television for her work with faith-based environmentalism in her home community and church and for her work with YECA. CNN’s ASPIREist program highlighted Lindsay as an inspiring young leader working to move the church past climate skepticism and toward faithful engagement. You can catch the feature on YECA's YouTube channel here.

We’re Looking for Two New Regional Organizers

We’re seeking a regional organizer in Chicago and a regional organizer for southern California. Regional organizers have engaged nearly 500 members from over 70 congregations across the U.S. and Canada in the effort to forestall the worst effects of climate change through worship, education, energy stewardship, and advocacy. Now, in Phase III of the Climate Witness Project, we hope to involve fully 10 percent of our denomination's congregations. The regional organizer position requires passion and energy and includes a small stipend. If interested, please contact Steve Mulder at

New Mexico Church to Run on Solar Energy

"This fall, the people of Bethany CRC, Gallup, N.Mex., watched as a local company constructed an 1,800-foot solar carport with 100 solar panels in their church parking lot. The solar energy collected from the panels will provide all the electrical needs for the church building." Read more about their story in this Banner article.

Got a Story?

We’re gathering success stories from our CWP churches and partners. Do you have an exciting story, piece of news, or milestone you can share with us? Email Steve Mulder at We’d love to share your story on the CWP Success Stories webpage and Facebook page!