OSJ Action Alert: October 5, 2017

Call your Members of Congress—ask them to cosponsor the Dream Act of 2017!

Join today’s National Day of Action in support of Dreamers! The nationwide goal is to drive 800,000 calls to Congress to honor the 800,000 immigrant youth in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

Today, Oct. 5, is the deadline for DACA recipients to submit their application for an extension. They were given just one month to prepare the forms and a $495 application fee. Not all 800,000 can. In other words, beginning tomorrow, some of those young people will lose their protection.

Congress needs to hear that their constituents stand with Dreamers and strongly want to see their Members of Congress cosponsor the Dream Act. Your call matters. Please take a few minutes to call your Members of Congress today!

Call your Members of Congress—ask them to support the Dream Act of 2017!