Blessing Not Burden | April 18, 2017
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Dear friends,

Since the launch of the Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden campaign in November, 2015, this community has stepped up to change the conversation about immigrants. You pledged to speak out when you hear immigrants being talked about as burdens and committed to call on your members of congress to enact more just immigration laws. Still, we see anti-immigrant policies proposed and implemented and know this work is not complete. Many of you may be wondering where to go from here. That’s why we’re excited to invite you to be a Blessing Not Burden Partner!

Blessing Not Burden Partners is a project designed to empower small groups to walk with their congregations as they learn more about our broken immigration system and how it impacts the people God calls us to welcome and defend. Partners work to educate their congregations, help integrate the topic of immigration into worship, find their voice to speak to public officials about common sense immigration policy, and connect church members to local efforts and organizations working with immigrants.

If you are interested in helping your congregation engage this issue in a meaningful way, consider being a partner! Learn more about being a Blessing Not Burden Partners here.

Take Action: Funding the Border Wall Isn't a Just Solution

The current administration has asked Congress to find $3 billion in funding through the end of September 2017 to build the border wall, and start a massive expansion of border agents and detention facilities.

In 2010, the Christian Reformed Church said that the biblical call to welcome the stranger with  justice and compassion compels us to work for comprehensive immigration reform in the United States. Walling off our southern border, expanding enforcement, increasing deportations, separating families, and sowing fear within our immigrant communities is not comprehensive reform. We can’t enforce our way out of a broken immigration system. Contact your Senators to ask them to say no to additional funding for the Department of Homeland Security and work for comprehensive immigration reform!


Holland Tulip Time Run 2017

Run. Walk. Roll. March. Support immigrant and refugee rights. Are you headed to Tulip Time in Holland, MI next month? Partner with Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden & Lighthouse Immigrant Advocates for Tulip Time 5K and help bring stability to West Michigan families. Learn more and sign up here!

From Dislocation to Resettlement

“Once I had a job where I asked people to tell me, in great detail, about the most traumatic experiences of their life. In 2005, I was an intern with the United Nations in Kakuma refugee camp located in northwestern Kenya, and my role was to screen individuals for refugee resettlement...Many of the people I interviewed were torture survivors, student protesters, and victims of sexual violence.” Read more here about a first hand experience with the resettlement process.