OSJ Action Alert: February 15, 2018

Tell Congress You Support Dreamers and Family Reunification

Right now, the Senate is approaching the end of its immigration debate. Senators are voting on whether to proceed with certain amendments right now.

Urge your senators to keep families together and protect Dreamers.

The CRC has been clear in its support for the value of family unity and increasing, not decreasing, the legal ways to immigrate to the U.S. As Congress crafts immigration policy, we pray that our senators will remember the value of family and the dignity of people created in God’s image.

Call 202-858-2866 to connect with your senators.

Sample script: Hi, my name is [X] and I live in [City, State]. I’m calling to ask the Senator to oppose the Grassley amendment #1959. As a Christian, I believe in the sacredness of family and value that our current immigration system allows families to reunite. Protection for Dreamers should not come at the expense of family reunification and current legal immigration pathways. I ask the Senator to uphold the value of family unity and ensure that Dreamers have a stable path to permanent status. Please vote NO on the Grassley amendment. Thank you.