Blessing Not Burden | September 26, 2019
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“I had no idea who this person was, but I believe this person was a Christian,” shared Alma, while telling her story of resilience and hope in trying to gain asylum in the U.S. (a story you can hear, linked below). Alma’s words are a reminder of the opportunity we have: in the midst of so many tragic headlines about falling refugee numbers, disappearing paths to immigrate, and so many desperate families, we are called to show the love of Christ through not only our prayers and charity, but also our advocacy to influence those in power to work for justice. Join us for such a time as this, to help the world to see “this person was a Christian.”

Call Today: Protect Refugee Resettlement

Some Trump administration officials have proposed that almost no refugees be admitted in Fiscal Year 2020. At a time when more than 25.9 million refugees worldwide are fleeing persecution, war, or violence, it is important to remember our call to “love the stranger” — and we cannot welcome refugees if they cannot enter the country. Speak up for refugee resettlement by participating in this critical action alert, asking committee leaders to advise the President to protect our refugee programtoday!

Church Between Borders - An Interactive Immigration Workshop

Church Between Borders is a multi-session interactive workshop for groups to reflect on the Biblical mandate to welcome the stranger and consider what that means in our current context.

Participants will gain a deeper understanding of U.S. immigration history, how the immigration system works, and current issues and advocacy opportunities. Watch this video to learn more about Church Between Borders!

“For Such a Time as This:” A Story of Second-Generation Salvadoran American

“As a second-generation Salvadoran-American, I have always had the privileges of being a citizen of the US. As a pastor’s kid, I grew up in a Latino Pentecostal church in which most of the members were undocumented immigrants from Central America. Many had fled to this country in search of safety, opportunity, and a fresh start to life. However, even though I was surrounded by immigrants, the struggle of the immigrant life never truly impacted me growing up. That all changed in the 2016 Presidential election. The day after the election, I had never felt so genuinely afraid in my life.

That experience forced me as a Christian to repent of my apathy, silence, and unwillingness to speak up against injustice. In the process, I came across the Christian Reformed Church’s Office of Social Justice, whose resources helped me think about immigration and refugee resettlement from a biblical perspective.”

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States and Cities Across the U.S. Welcome Refugees

Thanks to your advocacy efforts, more than 360 bipartisan elected officials from 46 states signed onto a letter to the president in support of welcoming refugees to the U.S. Don’t see your state and local officials on the signature page? It’s not too late to ask them to sign on here!

Holland, MI Church Advocates for a Member’s Asylum Claim

Alma recently shared her story with her congregation in Holland, Michigan of fleeing persecution, being detained in the U.S, and being separated from her children. It’s a story of fear, resilience, and the importance of being part of a community that joins together to advocate for justice. She continues to pray that she and her children will be granted asylum in the U.S.  You can watch her story here.

Change the Conversation/In Case You Missed It

We've been working hard to spread the truth about the blessings of immigrants in our country and to counter myths that have the power to turn into policy that harms our immigrant brothers and sisters.

We can’t do it without you. Help continue this important work.