Office of Social Justice News | April 2017

Be a Blessing Not Burden Partner

You’ve signed the Immigrants Are a Blessing Not a Burden pledge; you’ve worn the swag; you’ve helped to change the conversation about immigrants. Now what? Be a Blessing Not Burden Partner!

If you’re interested in helping your congregation learn more about immigration, integrating the topic of immigration into worship, speaking to public officials about common-sense immigration policy, or connecting church members to local efforts, find two friends and become Blessing Not Burden Partners!



Energy Stewardship in Classis Red Mesa

With the help of funding from OSJ and the CRC Foundation’s Ignite fund, over a dozen churches in Classis Red Mesa have installed energy-efficient lighting and taken other steps to save money and protect the environment. This local effort was encouraged and supported by the CRC Climate Witness Project. Read more about the Red Mesa efforts here!


Covenant Breakers

Thyra VanKeeken writes, "We are a people who deeply believe in the importance of promises, and also, seem, ironically, to not be very good at keeping them. What does covenant keeping with our Indigenous brothers and sisters look like for us now? For us as the CRC, for us as churches, for us as individuals?”

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Speak up for People Affected by Hunger and Poverty

Canadian Advocates! Conflict is devastating entire nations—such as Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen. Famine and drought are crippling millions in East Africa. Climatic change is undermining the harvests of small-scale farmers around the world. HIV and AIDS continue to indiscriminately tear families apart and orphan children. Canada needs to be doing more, not less. Advocate for the inclusion of international assistance in Canada's budget today! Click here to act.


New Resource: Aboriginal Ministry Sunday Materials

Covenants are important to Christians. What does it mean to honor our covenant (treaty) promises to Indigenous peoples? That's the theme for this year's Aboriginal Ministry Sunday from our partners at the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee. Check out these worship resources, and order your bulletin inserts before May 1.


Advocacy Works Series

This blog series will include stories about successfully changing policies that prevent people from flourishing and stories about church members learning that our well-being is inextricably linked to the well-being of others as we advocate for policies that protect the most vulnerable and marginalized people in our communities. Subscribe here!


Forum on the Persecuted Church

In March, representatives from OSJ and CRC World Missions attended a forum on the persecuted church organized by Christian Churches Together (CCT). Those present represented various different traditions within the Christian faith. The purpose of the meeting was to learn together about the persecution and suffering that Christians are facing in several regions and to draft a letter to the persecuted church around the world in order to express solidarity and support. Click here to read the full report on the CCT Forum.

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