Creation Care Update | May 03, 2019
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People of Faith as Climate Messengers: A Webinar with Katharine Hayhoe

Good Morning CWP Partner,

Have you ever had trouble gaining traction when sharing the threat of climate change? Has it been difficult helping others take the step from acknowledgement that climate change exists, to being advocates for change? You are invited to join People of Faith as Climate Messengers: A Webinar with Katherine Hayhoe on Wednesday, May 8th at 1pm EST

Katharine Hayhoe is an atmospheric scientist at Texas Tech University. She has served as lead author on many high-profile reports, including the Second, Third, and Fourth National Climate Assessments. She currently hosts a PBS video series called Global Weirding. As a self-described evangelical Christian, she co-authored "A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith-Based Decisions." This webinar is co-hosted by the Rev. Dr. Brooks Berndt of the United Church of Christ Environmental Justice Ministry and the Rev. Michael Malcom of Alabama Interfaith Power & Light and the People's Justice Council. Sign-up now to join the webinar! Even if you can't make the scheduled time, still sign-up, and they will send you a recording of the webinar.

The Climate Witness Project Leadership Team