Blessing Not Burden | July 25, 2019
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Summer has presented many opportunities for our team to develop and uplift compelling content on immigration and the biblical call to welcome the stranger. From videos to blog posts to sermons, the OSJ and our regional immigration mobilizers have been bold in speaking truth. Read on for actions to take, resources to share, and content to engage.

Urge Congress to Protect Refugee Resettlement

News broke last week that the Trump administration is considering a shutdown or near-shutdown of the U.S. refugee resettlement program for next year. The CRC has a long history of working with this program and welcoming refugees. Urge your members of congress to hold the administration accountable to keeping this faithful, life-saving program intact.

“What Does the Bible Say about Immigration?” Video

When it comes to divisive issues like immigration, how do we think about them as Christians? In this video, Rev. Kate Kooyman shares themes from the Bible that can help us think faithfully about immigration - which is all over Scripture.

Scripture is not a textbook for politics, but it can and should inform the way we engage with politics - especially on issues that impact human lives. Watch the video to learn more!

“Know Your Rights” Materials in the Event of Immigration Raids

Undocumented immigrants and their families have rights. These "Know Your Rights" resources are available in multiple languages and include explanations of the different warrants that officials may use in immigration enforcement actions. Please share with your churches, neighbors, and friends, or consider hosting a “Know Your Rights” workshop at your church.

Colorado Mobilizer Marissa Aguilera Saints Preaches on Immigration

"We've continued on the same stubborn path of brokenness. This is not the first time that our country has strategically, systematically separated families out of fear and exploitation and greed... Sorry to break it to you, but this is what we do in America. This is what we have done repeatedly... Are we living in God's commandments?" Listen to Marissa’s sermon here!

“Seeing Beyond the Immigration Rhetoric” Do Justice Series Continues

Have you had the chance to hear from our immigration mobilizers through our “Seeing Beyond the Immigration Rhetoric” Do Justice series? Rose and Rick Admiraal write, “In Matthew 2, Joseph, Mary, and Jesus took refuge in Egypt after Joseph had a dream about the evil order King Herod was about to issue. Did Joseph and Mary have time to acquire the proper paperwork?... We do not have the option of allowing someone’s legal status to limit our care for them.”

See all the posts in the series here.

Change the Conversation/In Case You Missed It

We've been working hard to spread the truth about the blessings of immigrants in our country and to counter myths that have the power to turn into policy that harms our immigrant brothers and sisters.

We can’t do it without you. Help continue this important work.