Office of Social Justice News | February 2017

Matthew 25 Movement

Thank you to everyone who signed the pledge to protect and defend vulnerable people. In this newsletter you’ll find ways you can fulfill the pledge, including taking action on a wide range of issues that impact the people we are called to defend.

Learn more about the Matthew 25 Movement and how you can get involved here.

New Do Justice Series: Our Cloud of Witnesses

We follow in the steps of many Christian Reformed justice-seekers who have gone before us, faithful Christians who have lived out the radical call of the gospel, empowered by the Holy Spirit. Who is in your "cloud of witnesses"? Who inspires you to “run with perseverance the race marked out for us” (Heb. 12:1)?

Like the writer of Hebrews, let’s remember our cloud of witnesses and be encouraged for the race ahead of us. Sign up to receive weekly email updates in your inbox, beginning in early March.



Call for Review of the Safe Third Country Agreement

Refugee policy in the United States is changing. It is time to carefully review the effectiveness of the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S. to make sure that the agreement does not endanger vulnerable migrants. It is important for Canada to set an international example in the protection and settlement of displaced people. Contact your Member of Parliament in support of refugees today!


Acting in Faith: Evangelical Advocacy Days

Our leaders need to hear that we, as evangelical Christians, want them to take action to stand with the poor and vulnerable and to protect God's creation. The Climate Witness Project, along with Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, Climate Caretakers, and Micah Challenge USA, are organizing a group to participate in the People's Climate March on April 29, followed by climate advocacy training and legislative meetings. Will you join us?


Share Your Support for Refugees Today

While the refugee ban is being challenged, we cannot remain idle. God issues a call to his people: we are to welcome the stranger as if we are welcoming Christ himself. This is a moment of critical importance. The Christian Reformed Church has a long tradition of welcoming refugees into our communities and congregations. Congress needs to keep hearing this message! Contact Congress in support of refugees today!


Human Trafficking and the Freedom Challenge

“Human trafficking is a global issue on a huge scale. But what rips into my soul is that this is also local—it is happening in every province, big city, and small town of beautiful Canada. Enter that helpless, isolated feeling of living in rural Saskatchewan! And then, enter God’s timing!” 

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In Case You Missed It

  • Congratulations to Church of the Servant CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., for earning the EPA’s Energy Star certification! Church of the Servant is a participating church in our Climate Witness Project.
  • Self-care is important, especially for justice-seekers. How are you taking care of yourself and training to “run the race with endurance”? Read about the practices of other justice seekers on Do Justice.

  • Want to advocate for meaningful climate action in Canada? Canada’s new climate framework doesn’t reduce emissions enough to live up to our commitments in the Paris Agreement. Speak up for responsible creation care here.

  • We're hiring a Justice Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellow! View the job description and apply here.