OSJ Creation Care Update | August 01, 2019
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As the Climate Witness Project, we are continuing to understand how climate change intersects with racism, gender inequality, poverty and other Biblical justice issues. Let’s pray that lawmakers would also be open to see they many layers of impact climate change has and pray that God’s spirit will continue to uplift the impacted voices that need to be heard. 

"The Intersectionality of Climate Change: Racism and Poverty"

"Communities and entire nations who do the least to contribute to rising greenhouse gas emissions bear the enormous burden of climate disaster first and worst on their bodies and their livelihoods."

Melody Zhang who traveled with the Office of Social Justice and World Renew's Climate Change Bootcamp to East Africa and serves as the Climate Justice Campaign Coordinator at Sojourners reflects on some of the learnings of her trip.

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Christian Climate Observers Program at COP 25

The Climate Witness Project is teaming up with a network of christian organizations to bring young people to COP 25 where they will have the opportunity to represent their generation, as people of faith, to global leaders on the topic of climate change. Scholarships may become available and we can support any fundraising needs. Contact Kris Van Engen if you have questions.

Introducing... Hope Zigterman

Hope is the newest member of the Office of Social Justice team. She joins our team this week as the Justice Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellow, a one year position with our office. Hope comes to us with a background in Political Science after attending Gordon College in Massachusetts. Most recently Hope worked as an English teacher in Jordan.

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Sharing Stories: Mary Robinson, Climate Change, and Us

Read along with us through Mary Robinson’s book Climate Justice: Hope, Resilience and the Fight for a Sustainable Future.  Each week, a climate advocate will offer their insights to compliment the book. It's like a book club without having to leave the house!

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Maine Voices: Richard Killmer’s OpEd on a Just Transition Away From Coal

“All religions also teach that caring for the poor is a priority task for people of faith, and we know that the poor and marginalized will be hurt first and hardest by climate change. Our morals also guide us to conclude that the younger generations should not be hurt by the mistakes of older generations. Climate change will most assuredly harm future generations.”

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"Where does climate science fit in the biblical story?"

“It is clear to me that we are therefore called to change how we live not because it helps the environment, but to repent and live out our calling as restored and renewed people. We need to live in a way that reflects God had originally intended: as stewards of the land, not as masters of it.”

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Meet with Your Member of Congress!

This August, as both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate adjourns for their annual month-long recess, the OSJ and its regional mobilizers will be organizing in-district meetings to discuss immigration and climate change. Would you like to join one of these meetings? Contact Hope Zigterman at


Climate Witness Project Partner Church in Kenya

As we complete our current program year, the Climate Witness Project is approaching our goal of 115 congregations with 3 or more Partners. In the last year, we have added churches in Alberta, Colorado, Michigan, Ontario, Pennsylvania, Washington State - places we expected to add churches a year ago.  But our most recent CWP is in a location we did not anticipate: Solai, Kenya! 

We became friends with the Holistic Mission for All Nations Church in May, when 7 visitors from North America travelled to Kenya and Uganda with the East Africa Boot Camp to see first-hand the impact of climate change on our brothers and sisters in those countries. We are thrilled to welcome 15 new partners from that church along with their pastor, Isaac Jivedi. 

Most of the 300+ members of the church are subsistence farmers. They shared with us the extreme challenges they are facing as weather patterns have become unreliable, with annual rainy seasons having been replaced by cycles of drought and flood, and new pests (like the Fall Armyworm) invading their fields. They also told us about the principles of Conservation Agriculture that they are applying to adapt and about the work they are doing to reforest their area. 

Now that we are friends with Pastor Isaac and his church, we plan to share periodic updates with you. We hope to soon have a similar relationship with a church in the Soroti region of Uganda.  

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