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Bill 62 and Our Fear of Change

Published: Nov 03, 2017 03:00 am

“Do you want to live in a Jewish ghetto? I certainly don’t want to live in a Jewish ghetto. … Look...

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Doing Justice in Spirit and in Truth

Published: Oct 30, 2017 04:36 pm

Recently my pastor based his sermon on John 4, focusing on the verses where Jesus teaches the...

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Remembering the Priesthood of all Believers

Published: Oct 26, 2017 11:50 pm

This is the last post in our Justice and the Reformed Confessions series. View the other...

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The Sanctity of Life in the Heidelberg Catechism: The Sixth Commandment

Published: Oct 22, 2017 11:59 pm

In his comments on the sixth commandment, “You shall not murder,” John Calvin writes, “The purport...

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