Blessing Not Burden | March 02, 2018
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The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program was set to wind down on March 5 after the Trump administration announced the end of DACA on Sept. 5, 2017, but recent court rulings temporarily allow current DACA-holders to apply for a renewal of their status, protecting them from deportation and enabling them to continue working. Upon last fall’s announcement, President Trump challenged Congress to devise a legislative solution for Dreamers, however with March 5 just around the corner, Congress has made no progress toward that goal. The conversation has since broadened, as many members of Congress and the President want a solution for Dreamers to also include cuts to our family-based immigration and increased funding for enforcement. Dreamers continue to face immediate questions about their future and their ability to work, the possibility of their deportation, and whether a legal pathway for them will affect other immigrants in the future.

The court rulings that allow DACA recipients to renew their status will hopefully prevent up to a thousand individuals losing their status each day from March 5 on, but is just a temporary measure. Congress must act to provide a permanent legislative solutions for Dreamers and ensure family unity is protected. 

Take Action: Stand with Dreamers and Families

While Congress is working towards crafting immigration legislation, we have the opportunity to speak into the process by contacting them. It is up to the church to provide a faith-based perspective on the value of family and the dignity of all people, each of whom is created in God's image. You can ask Congress to support immigration policy that:

  • Keeps families intact.
  • Creates more, not fewer, paths to legal immigration.
  • Ensures permanent solutions for Dreamers.

Speaker Paul Ryan and Republican leadership in the House of Representatives are actively asking representatives to commit to voting for the Securing America’s Future (SAF) Act. The SAF Act would make deep cuts to legal immigration by targeting family members seeking to be reunited. It would also fail to provide a long-term solution for Dreamers.

Tell your Representative that you oppose the SAF Act and instead support immigration bills that protect Dreamers and uphold family-based and legal immigration.

Prayer for Dreamers

Consider using this prayer or others during Sunday worship to stand in solidarity with our Dreamer sisters and brothers: God, we continue to pray for hope for Dreamers, who face yet another milestone in their anxious journey. We pray for lawmakers and the president to find a way forward that prioritizes human dignity, that reflects the blessings that Dreamers and immigrants bring to the U.S., and that allows families to remain united.

Join the Evangelical Immigration Table in calling others to pray via social media by signing up today for this ThunderClap, which is basically a pre-programmed tweet or Facebook post that will go live on Monday. Simply click the link and follow the prompts to sign-up—it takes less than a minute.  

Meet with your Members of Congress about Dreamers

Your members of Congress will be back home at the end of March. As Congress still hasn’t created a permanent solution for Dreamers and family unity is being threatened, it’s critical they know that Christians in their district stand with Dreamers and families. If you’re willing to participate in a meeting with your member of Congress, the Office of Social Justice wants to help you make that happen. Fill out this form with some of your information to get started.

Two Chicago CRC Communities Partner Together on Refugee Education

Lombard CRC and Loop CRC joined together to host a panel discussion Thurs., Feb. 22, titled “Refugees and Public Policy: How Do We Respond Biblically?” Claire McWilliams, a panelist and founder of Loop Church's Welcoming the Stranger Mission Community said, “Our Syrian refugee friends have become like family to us, and they are the reason we advocate, from organizing this panel to meeting with our members of Congress… We hosted a similar event last fall in the city and felt passionate about bringing a panel to other CRCs because we believe it’s important to combat misinformation around refugee resettlement and spread the message of welcome throughout the church.” Continue reading »

Bring Church Between Borders to Your Church

Step into the shoes of someone trying to navigate the U.S. immigration system to learn how our system works. This immigration simulation is the first workshop of our 3-session Church Between Borders (CBB) workshop.

Why host CBB at your church? Opinions tend to run high about the issue of immigration, but often our shared set of facts runs low. If we’re going to think faithfully about immigration, it’s important that we have an understanding of how immigration works today — and maybe dispel some misunderstandings that we didn’t even know we had. Consider hosting CBB at your church! Email Kelsey at to learn more.

Change the Conversation

We’re hiring!

The CRC Office of Social Justice is hiring! If you are interested in faith, policy, and social justice, apply for our Mobilizing and Advocacy Fellowship. The fellowship is a year-long, full-time, paid position for recent college or university graduates. The deadline to apply is Mar. 19. Learn more and apply here.