OSJ Action Alert: January 31, 2018

National Call-in Day: Ask Congress to Support Dreamers and Family Unity

There is a harmful, anti-immigrant bill in the House of Representatives that is gaining strong momentum. The Securing America’s Future (SAF) Act would cut legal immigration by over 25%, severely limit family reunification, and would offer only temporary protections for Dreamers, subjecting them to a lifetime of uncertainty. This is a moment for the church to share our care for Dreamers and strong family values. 

Here’s how you can help: Join Christians across the country by calling your Representative to reject the SAF Act and urge them to support proposals that provide a permanent solution for Dreamers and maintain legal immigration pathways, especially for families.

As Christians, we honor the sanctity of the family unit and seek the well-being of our Dreamer neighbors. Even as recent rhetoric has dehumanized immigrants, we want to recognize the God-given dignity and value inherent in each person made in the image of God.

Congress needs to hear from us that we oppose harmful bills like the SAF Act and support bipartisan solutions that offer permanent protection to Dreamers and value family unity.