Blessing Not Burden | July 05, 2017
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Dear advocates,

While many of us take time off during the summer, the government is still hard at work. Just last week, there was significant action taken regarding immigration:

  • Two anti-immigrant bills that deal with interior enforcement passed through the House, one of which would make immigrants more vulnerable and damage trust between immigrants and law enforcement.
  • 10 state attorney generals and one governor threatened to take legal action against the Trump administration if it does not end the DACA program.
  • The Supreme Court decided it would hear arguments over President Trump’s travel ban for refugees and people from six Muslim-majority countries, and that in the meantime parts of the executive order could proceed, meaning many vulnerable refugees who have been cleared to enter the U.S. must wait even longer.

As people who long for a more just immigration system, it’s important that we stay engaged with advocacy this summer! Check out the following opportunities to proclaim that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden!

Meet with Congress this August!

The August Recess is a time when members of Congress come home to spend time with constituentsthat’s you! Congress has a big task when they return in September; the House and Senate must create and pass the federal budget for fiscal year 2018. The federal budget is a reflection of our nation's beliefs and values. As followers of Christ, we have an opportunity to raise our voices to urge Congress to enact a faithful budgetone that works toward the flourishing of all God’s people.

It’s critical that both House and Senate members hear from Christians this August that we support a faithful budgetone that doesn’t separate families, detain more immigrants, and unnecessarily expand immigration enforcement. Sign up here to express interest in scheduling and attending a meeting with your member of Congress. The Office of Social Justice will work with you throughout the process!

Welcoming the Stranger With a Faithful Budget

"The federal budget is not the most riveting social justice topic, probably because it’s difficult to translate the funding increases and cuts into the actual human lives we care about. But if we are truly committed to seeing equality and justice for all people and creation, we ought to pay attention to the budget. Congressionally approved budgets give presidents permission to do what they’ve promised. With this administration, that means detaining and deporting a lot of people throughout the country.

Christians have an opportunity right now to speak up for a faithful budget
one that works for the flourishing of all God’s people.”

Read about the proposed budget impact on immigrants and the importance of advocacy around the budget here.

Take Action: Speak Up for a Faithful Budget

The Trump administration's fiscal year 2018 budget requests an additional $4.5 billion for expanded immigration enforcement. Now is the moment to speak up to tell Congress to oppose this funding proposal that will separate families and hurt communities.

Take action here! Urge Congress to oppose increased funding for detention, deportations, and border enforcement and to support vulnerable people worldwide.

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