OSJ Action Alert: February 1, 2019

Stand up for our Neighbors and Fund the Government Responsibly!

As negotiations continue for the federal government to be funded into FY 2019, we as people of faith must hold fast to our identity and calling. The synod of the CRCNA has long advocated for a fair and just immigration system that honors the inherent dignity of immigrants and refugees. Thus far, offers for compromise on the budget have been at the expense of immigrants and asylum-seekers, chipping away at their rights, status, protection, and livelihood.

As people of faith, we believe that policymakers can pass a budget that protects immigrants and asylum-seekers, and humanely secures our borders. We believe that any changes made to our immigration system should increase legal paths to immigration - not create harmful, inhumane deterrents.

Call your Member of Congress today and ask them to fund the government responsibly by passing a budget that humanely secures our borders and protects immigrants and asylum-seekers.