OSJ Action Alert: December 3, 2018

Stand Up for Immigrants, Refugees, & Asylum Seekers

Congress must decide by December 7, 2018 how to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for the rest of fiscal year 2019. The administration is illegally banning asylum seekers who enter in between ports of entry. They are firing tear gas at shoeless children holding their mother’s hand who are seeking protection at the U.S. border. They are separating and incarcerating families seeking protection. They are keeping people in immigrant detention centers in abusive conditions. They are infringing on the civil and human rights of border communities, and they are locking out people looking for a safe place to call home.

Take action today to ensure your Members of Congress protect families and do not increase funding for policies that militarize the border, separate families, and increase detention.

We believe that each person is made in the image of God, and therefore enforcement of immigration policies should be done justly and humanely.

Call Congress Today & Stand Up for Immigrants, Refugees, and Asylum Seekers!