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Is officially out in the U.K and there's just 1 more month until it's out in North America! March 6th officially! And to celebrate I'll be doing a pre-order Giveaway for the North American Hardback!
Here's how it will work:
For starters, everyone who pre-orders the U.S hardback will get a PDF version of TALES FROM SAND & SEA, the short story collection for the REBEL OF THE SANDS world.

This is a PDF version of the mini stories we gave away at the London Launch, exactly as they are printed there, just before it is all bound up. Sand pages and all...
But Wait! That's not all...I have more swag to give away!
In addition to this if you were one of the first 5 people to email you'll also be getting a hardcopy version of TALES FROM SANDS & SEA as well as the postcards and tattoos pictured above.
The next 3 people to email will be getting the print of Amani and Jin and Ahmed, as well as a HERO AT THE FALL tote bag!
If you were one of the next 5 people to mail you'll be getting the postcards as well as the 3 sticker set and the tattoos (also pictured above)
If you were one of the next 50 people to order you'll be getting the postcard set!
And if you were one of the next 50 people to order after that you'll be getting the temporary tattoos!
All you have to do is pre-order the North American Hardback, or buy it within the first week of release and then email your proof of purchase to along with:

Your Postal Address for the Swag
The Name That it Should be mailed to

So once again, you need to send an email with proof of pre-order to by midnight PST on Tuesday March 13th 2018.
You will get an auto reply confirming your email has been received!
The Short stories will be emailed out immediately after the preorder/giveaway period ends, and the swag will all be posted out in the following week.
If you have already pre-ordered you can absolutely send that on. If you haven't...

You can pre-order from anywhere and everywhere that sells the North American Hardback!

Here are a few of many links you can use depending on where you are. But you by no means HAVE to use these. If you have a favorite local bookshop, please do pre-order with them!
If you're in the U.S you can:
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL from B&N
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL from Indiebound
If you're in Canada..
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL from
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL from
If you're in the U.K...
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL Hardback from
And Worldwide...
Pre-Order HERO AT THE FALL Hardback from Book Depository
So now that the REBEL trilogy is done...what am I working on next?
So that's the question everyone keeps asking me. And I am working on something. And it is still Fantasy, and still YA and while I can't really say anything much yet if you follow me on twitter you've probably figured some stuff out from images that I've been tweeting recently.
And on that may have seen last week I did a quick little thread of character inspiration for my 3 Main Characters from the new Work In Progress... And then before I knew it the fabulous Jess had made and sent me some amazing fan art for some of them. So...I gave her a few further more detailed snippets for the characters and she made some more based on stuff that is actually in the book. And so I wanted to show them here for the very first time and maybe share one of these descriptions. they are:

The top 2 are protagonists (and the details of the face of course). But the Black & White image with the red lipstick is actually not one of the protagonists, she is a secondary character. Her name is Grace. And below Jess's amazing images I have included the introductory scene for this character as it currently stands in my first draft, completely unedited. It may yet change as I write this book and as it is edited, but for now it's a sneak peak into the new book.

So...keep it secret. Keep it safe.
She appeared in the entrance like a painting in a frame. Her right hand was curled around the door, stretched out long as she leaned against the jamb. Short blonde hair haloed out around a delicately featured face with heavily lidded eyes, the remnants of a bright lipstick graced a full mouth. The rest of it stained the rim of the nearly empty glass that hung loosely from her fingers. A pale cream dressing gown was tied haphazardly around her slender waist, slinking treacherously off her left shoulder, exposing the thin strap of a white negligée underneath and porcelain white skin under that. Elegantly heeled shoes gave her a head’s worth of height on Lottie, so that she was staring hazily down at her through heavily lidded eyes.
She was the most obscenely beautiful creature Lottie had ever seen in person.
Her eyes swiveled from Lottie to Benedict, a little unfocused, short strands of platinum blonde hair falling out of her exquisitely fashionable bob and into her long eyelashes.
“Finally!” She said spoke at last, her voice bright and loud as she raised the drink in her right hand to her lips. “You’re appallingly late you know, I had to start the party without you.”
If you missed the London Launch there is a chance to win 5 of the Goodie Bags....
So just head over here, follow @FaberChildrens on twitter and RT this tweet!
The Giveaway ends `Monday 5th so don't delay!
Get your Tickets for YAshot 2018
I will be at YAShot on April 14th in Uxbridge, in conversation with Mel Salisbury from 1p.m-1.50p.m and signing afterwards. You can get your tickets for YA Shot Here now!
You can find a complete schedule of the "In Conversation" Events Here. And a complete list of the panel events here! And finally a complete list of the Workshops Here!
Signed UK Copies of the trilogy are available from...
You can either pop in or order online or over the phone with most of these bookshops to get your signed copy!
And 1...or 2 or 7 More Things...
HERO AT THE FALL made B&N's list of most anticipated 2018 Sequels!
I am doing a giveaway of an upcoming UKYA POC Book from Mariam Khan's Dazed article! If you'd like to enter RT this tweet with the hashtag #UKYAPocBooks and the name of the book you'd most like to read from this list.
REBEL OF THE SANDS has been nominated for Book of the year over on! Thanks so much Polish Readers! And if you fancy you can vote for it over here!
You can check out the first video of the HERO Vlog Tour with Lucy The Reader talking about unlikely Literary Heroines.
I put together a list of Books you'll love if you love Harry Potter for The Reading List! Check it out!
The HERO AT THE FALL Vlogtour starts this week! You can keep up with these booktubers talking Heroines and a few interviews over the next week.
Check out Lucy The Book Belle's video on her own top 5 Literary Heroines!
And the 2nd stop on the Vlogtour: Rose Mannering on Ladies in Lit

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