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We consume more and more electricity
for cooking, cleaning, light, laundry, surfing the internet, charging our phones, watching tv, for moving about …

Meanwhile, things need to be done differently
Smarter, more economical, more sustainable, more reliable, more efficient, more transparent …
At the same time people busy themselves everywhere
with negotiating agreements, climbing on their roof to install solar panels, wrapping their houses in thick insulation, cycling to Paris to save the summit, launching start-ups around smart meters and apps, demonstrating for or against nuclear power plants.

What is the sense and non-sense of this all?
And most of all, is it each ons for himself or better together?
With CITZENS TAKE POWER (working title)
we are looking at citizens and community groups
who take power in their own hands
and get their hands dirty

Why, how, when do we use all this electricity?

Who and what is behind our power plug?
And how is our electricity produced?
1. Scanning (May-Nov 2018)
Initially we talk to key actors and document inspiring initiatives. We share what we have learned and look for reactions by means of an exhibition and a conference.

2. Coalition (Nov 2018 - ...)
Then we get to work with a group of inspired individuals from the most diverse fields of experience and expertise.

3. Prototype (Spring 2019 - ...)
Together we design a concept for a meaningful prototype to “take power” ourselves in the Brussels neighbourhood of Saint-Gilles, where the prototype will be built and tested.
After the Personal Computer, we have now reached the era of Personal Power. At least that is what researchers, entrepreneurs and convinced citizens and politicians would like us to believe. Regarding electricity, they believe that each person will soon meet their own needs. We will capture energy from sun and wind and store it in powerful batteries.
Sounds like good news, but is it true? Some have sun, but no solar panels, others the other way round. Is it, therefore, not wiser to think about shared or common power, rather than personal power?
Together with citizens, policy makers, captains of industry, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from Brussels, Rio de Janeiro, Oxford and Berlin, we are addressing this issue. Are we really in the verge of a new energy-era? What could shared or common electricity be? And does the sun shine for all of us?
Our investigation centres around 3 topics: production, infrastructure and use of electricity. We look for confronting facts, established interests, funny gadgets and inspiring insights.
In exhibition we show the outcomes of our investigation in sound, text and quotes, and interactive displays. It is a first way to share what we have learned.
At a time when the commons receive increasing attention, and because – particularly in cities – we share our place in the sun, we are convinced that rather than on the verge of the era of personal power, we are starting the time of shared power!
Citizens Take Power is a  City Mine(d) project
Urban development is everybody’s business. From this perspective City Mine(d) develops initiatives that involve citizens in the future of their city.
City Mine(d) builds prototypes (working models) as an answer to questions/obstacles that emerge in specific urban themes (water, energy, public space, democracy, … )
To arrive at a meaningful concept, but also to make it happen, City Mine(d) builds coalitions of citizens, researchers, policy-makers, private companies, makers/hackers/artists who collide and collate knowledge, experience and convictions.
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