This Week At St. Mary's Epiphany VI

Good night Saints! Carnival season is here and Lent is around the corner! Join me for some final alleluias before we head into this holy season of preparation! 

Epiphany VI @ 9am, 11am & 1pm. Presentation @12pm!
Join us for St. Mary's worship this Sunday at 9am, 11am or 1pm. At the end of the 11am service Afrimerican One, a non-profit Black culture initiative will be offering an info session on Covid-19 as they seek to reach out to as many in our community as possible. They are an exciting new partner that we hope to connect with in many ways so stick around!

Check Out Afrimericanone here!

Click Here To Join Us At 9am!

Click Here To Join Us At 11am!

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Fat Tuesday w/St. Mary's House Blessing!
Enjoy some pancakes at home if you like and join the St. Mary's house for some final pre-lenten celebrations: "Carnival is a season of celebration, even in the time of COVID. As such St. Mary House would like to invite you to a virtual house blessing of our new house! It will be Mardi Gras, Tuesday the 16th at 7pm."

Click Here To Join Them For The Virtual House Blessing!
Ash Wednesday Service Online 6:30pm - Check Your Mail!
Most of you will receive an envelope with a letter and a small envelope with ashes from me next Monday or Tuesday. These ashes have been prayed over and will be ready to go. You can log on at 6:30pm and I'll lead us through an Ash Wednesday Evening Prayer service with a Gospel and the imposition of ashes. If you can't make that time feel free to say your own prayer and apply the ashes to your forehead as you step into the Holy Season of Lent! 

Click Here To Join Us On Ash Wednesday! 
Next Week's Bible Reading: The Wilderness Punishment! 
Please Join us as we read the Bible end-to-end in 2021! We are in the Book of Numbers now! This week's reading features a harrowing stretch involving jealousy, consequences and the world swallowing people whole. It starts slow but it picks up so come on down! Need to catch up? You can watch the catch up video below too! 

Want help choosing a translation? Tips for getting started? Other questions? Hit me up at!

Bible-in-a-year care of!
Choose your translation:
NRSV with me:

Feb 11: Num 1-2
Feb 12: Num 3-4
Feb 13: Num 5-6
Feb 14: Num 7
Feb 15: Num 8-10
Feb 16: Num 11-13
Feb 17: Num 14-15
Feb 18: Num 16-17
Numbers 1-17! 
From Gen 1-Lev 13!
Our St. Mary's Prayer List! Keep On Praying!

Frank Gaudino
Doris Harper
Barry Downes
Rohmee Mathe
Al Rezek (Thanksgiving)
Margaret and Vincent Rocchio
Mirta Rodriguez
David Ernesto Díaz Henríquez
Kenny Alexandar Lara
Irma Matzar 
Michael Russell
Ricardo Patterson
Raul Patterson
Marcia Esiwick
Natasha Skeete
Noah Skeete
Sachea Skeete
Carl Ann Crawford
Kim Rice
Merleen Rice
Graham Smith
Artel Joseph
Michael Lewis
John Delano
Carl & Deborah R
Sarah W
Sr. Ann, SSM
The Society of St. Margaret
Marcia Thornhill 
Patrick Russell

Conor McBride 
Joshua Komin 

Elisabeth Van Allen
Jalani Coye
Leena Coye
Denzel & Kids (William, Matthew & Mason)
St. Mary’s Community & Neighbors

Laurie Brown
Janie Brown
Michael Aguero
Michael Sarti
Sylvia Clarke
Theresa Fitchet & Family
Marla Coye
Tyrone Rojas
Minou Pusouk
Gaston Peña 
Saulo Silva 

Sue Saltalamacchia 
Vicki Hemmerle

Ludwick Coye
Efrain Diaz
Peter Weekes
Hilton Danglade
Claudette Jean-Jacques
Gregory Jean-Jacques
Matignon Graduating Class 

Thomas O’Toole - Departed
John Allen-Departed
Louie Fabello-Departed
Ivan Kenneth Daniel- Departed
Cynthia Johnson-Departed
Judith Esmay-Departed
Graham Smith-Departed
Kevin Brainerd-Departed
Clasford Johnson-Departed
Rhea Seldin - Departed
Liz O’Garro - Departed
Alfonso Diaz - Departed
Eunice Greenich - Departed
Marjorie Mathe - Departed
Althea Eda Walker - Departed
Ludwick Coye (Father) - Departed
Alan Zaff - Departed
John Huston Finley III - Departed
Walter Edwin Daniel - Departed


Rhythm, Flavor, Power!
Padrecito Edwin

Reflection Question: When have you seen God's glory in some one else? In yourself?

Bible Challenge Reflection Question: When have laws felt like a blessing to you?
Sunday's Readings
Psalm 50:1-6;
2 Kings 2:1-12
2 Corinthians 4:3-6
Mark 9:2-9 




St Mary's Mission

Celebrate God's Rhythm
Delight in God's Flavor
Unite with God's Power

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