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The List
Constellations (Installation) by Joanie Lemercier
The Giving Tree (Installation) by TISH / HUSH
Noj Dot Forest 2 (Style Transfer Photogrammetry) by Lulu xXX
The Sound of Pixels (Paper/Demo) by CSAIL
Void (Installation) by Verena Bachl
Tiny Sorter (DIY Project) by Google Experiments
Tech+Art (Podcast) by Tech+Art
Amplified (Installation) by Marpi
Matthew Ragan (Interview) by
The Spotlight
Simon Alexander-Adams
Multimedia Artist & Musician  —  Instagram  /  Portfolio  /  Tutorials
Umbra (Installation, photo by Scott Meivogel)
I came across Simon's work earlier this year when researching procedural noise — he's a prolific generative artist with an interdisciplinary background that spans performing arts, design and electronics. He draws from his experiences in these fields, alongside his explorations based on simple rules and systems, to inform the practical application of his work.

His most recent piece, Umbra, is a playful installation that allows you to interact with these generative processes and simulations. If you're in the Michigan, US area, stop by Saugatuck Center for the Arts to experience it alongside a prior artwork of his.
Infinite Tunnel Zoom (Tutorial)
Simon credits "being exposed to a wide degree of diverse culture from a young age" as having an impact and informing his artistic journey. As a child, his path towards the arts wasn't definitive, as he had interests in other areas, but it also didn't seem impossible. He fondly recalls being surrounded by a community that embraced these interests in art and technology, starting with his parents—his mom writes music and dad is a computer scientist. Another such example is being a part of a workshop in middle school, with artist Bruce Shapiro at the Minnesota Science Museum, where they worked on sequencing LED's through Q-BASIC and building circuits to create cymatic patterns in sand. 

His early creative pursuits were just as diverse musically and visually: Simon studied jazz piano, electronic and chamber music and created vector art, collage and animation works. While pursuing a Performing Arts Technology degree, he became interested in "interactive media art through sensor driven installations, multimedia performance, and designing new interfaces for musical expression". Call it happenstance or kismet, Simon continued to pursue these various interests while trusting that he "would be able to make a career in which [he] could be passionate about [his] work."

His schedule varies day-to-day, but for a year and a half now, Simon has produced daily generative art sketches. When the time allows, he pushes them further by making them interactive or audioreactive. When he's not in a crunch, his time is devoted to further refining his installation concepts, creating tutorials or performing with his art-rock band saajtak
Daily Generative Sketches
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