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1. Copywriters Aren't Obsolete (yet)

Here's where I torment a copywriting AI with a ridiculous brief to write an intro including 3 randomly generated words. This month they are: apple, strip and similar.

Humanity's death knell this month is - Storylab.

I visit your site on a daily basis and I truly appreciate the word games. The reason I write to you is that every time I come across a new word game, it seems wrong in several ways: too many blanks (or sometimes three or four), or words spelled wrong or what might be considered “funny” answers which are not at all funny.

Copywriters! Your jobs are safe...this month.

2. Copylicious

Some words what I liked.

I love these kind of stunts.

Some people don't but they have no soul.

These stunts go against scheduling, budget forecasts and require a sharp creative team and a flexible execution.

If you've got a product that can be weaved into a current event AND you've got the chutzpah AND the budget AND the swiftness of feet - then go for it!

Burger King flaunt their whoppers in Westminster on 7th July, the same day as Boris announced his resignation...I mean, 'caretakership'.

(I have to admit, I don't know what the '10' is referring to).

(edit. Apparently the '10' is referring to '10 Downing Street' which seems totally superfluous and confusing. The occupant, not the abode itself, was telling the whoppers).

3. Copy Critique 

Cooking up an alternative concoction.

I'm not sure how you can build for 'whatever' comes next when you don't know what's coming next because you're calling it 'whatever'.

And God knows how you do that 'right now'.

Pega build apps. It took me a little reading to figure that out.

So, after a read through on their site, I've come up with a possible replacement;

Build powerful apps, fast.
Our scalable platform gives you AI, case management, sales automation and enhanced customer service solutions.

I'm not mad about 'low-code'.

And no, I haven't ignored the word 'decisioning' but I've checked and it's a real word. It's used all over this site and seems to be a new AI related word.

Probably invented by an AI.

4. Copy Swap 

From the sublime to the inappropriate.

Mildred is suffering in this heat.

She's working on the new Pokemon account and updating some public information covid posters.

She thought 'Omicron' was a Pokemon, I mean look at it. It looks like a Pokemon to someone who has no idea what a Pokemon is.

This poster is now up on over 5,000 bus-stops across the country!

Mildred is currently self-isolating until the heat blows over.

5. Copy That 

Some words of wisdom from an esteemed word mongerist.

Mark Ritson is a marketing guru, which I'm sure he'd hate so let's refer to him as a 'Marketing Mega Guru' to really objectify him and give him a taste of his own promotional medicine.

Mark has written a great primer on how marketing during a recession is even more vital than normal - providing some excellent comebacks for clients who are looking to cut marketing budgets as the easy way out to balance the books.

God forbid anyone having to do any actual hard work to save money or increase revenue.

Fuck it, let's sack some people or cut budgets.

'Ritson’s recession playbook: 9 steps marketers should take to survive the dark times ahead'

That's it from me.

This has been the third Word Monger newsletter.

If you've got any feedback or ideas for future newsletters then let me know (reply to this email) and get full credit linkage - or total anonymity - whatever you feel is most conducive to your personal reputation.


ps. Here's something I liked that you might like too

Here's another album recommendation.

by The Milk.

I got wind of this little beauty on Insta.

Don't let the band name put you off, this is some good old fashion American rock.

Here's a loose/cheap segue into copywriting/naming - what would you call your band?

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