Volume XXX, Issue 9
March 1, 2021
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March 10th

Summer is Coming

baby reaching for man's sunglasses

There may be snow on the ground, but youth services staff know summer is right around the corner! To get ready, our check-in calls in March and April will focus on summer learning.

Join colleagues from around the state to get support and share ideas for programming, partnerships, equity and outreach!

The March call is on Wednesday, March 24, from 2 to 3 p.m. Join the March 24 Zoom meeting with this link, and contact Leah Larson or Ashley Bieber if you have questions.

Check out their great e-newsletter HERE.



New Book:
Beginners: The Joy and Transformative Power of Lifelong Learning by Tom Vanderbilt

How a 'beginners’ mindset' can help you learn anything
Vanderbilt’s research revealed some basic principles of good learning that anyone can use to make our learning more effective. The first may seem obvious but is easily forgotten: we need to learn from our mistakes. So, rather than just mindlessly repeating the same actions over and over, we need to be more focused and analytical, thinking about what we did right and what we did wrong. (Psychologists call this “deliberate practice”.)


ELM tips & tricks: Finding science experiments - read it


ELM tips & tricks: Finding primary sources - get more HERE.

Searching by topic, publication, or content type in ELM - learn about it HERE.

Learn Techniques You Can Use Right Away
Make an immediate impact—online, in person, hybrid—to help all students break down a wall of words and understand texts, themselves and the world.

Storytimes from the New York Public Library:

              Screenshot of librarian Nobuko Wilson reading for mulitlingual storytime

Multilingual Storytimes


              Three books against a yellow and green background.

Juneteenth Storytimes

LIVE FROM NYPL logo alongside book cover of Coraline by Neil Gaiman

LIVE from NYPL: Neil Gaiman's Coraline



                 Librarian Hal Schreiver holds up Frog and Toad plush animals while reading an online storytime

125 Kids Books We Love Storytimes


          Lost in the Library lion illustration

Library Lions Storytime

Are you wondering how to address current events and talk about race and racism with learners?

We've added lots of free resources on anti-racism to our online Educator Resources Library, including:
<> FREE <>
ALS Sponsored Spring Horizon Trainings

Check out the upcoming online Horizon training opportunities we are hosting this winter/spring -- see course details below:

Horizon Circulation Training for Library Staff

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 -- 9 a.m.-Noon

Online via Zoom

Audience: ALS Member Library staff who are new to working with Horizon or not so new staff interested in learning Horizon shortcuts and tricks

Description:  Attendees will learn all of the circulation basics -- how to check books in and out, how to add and edit patrons, how to run the pull list and other reports, and more! Hands-on activities include creating borrowers and setting up notices, and advanced searching using the Command Mode.

Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QQXRS8R


BlueCloud Cataloging for Horizon Libraries

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 -- 9 a.m.-Noon

Online via Zoom

Audience:  ALS Member Library staff who work with Horizon

Description: In the first part of the training, attendees will learn how to add items in Horizon, including how to decide when a new record for an item is needed with the same title and author.  In the second part of the training, attendees will learn more about BLUEcloud, including how to import new records and how to use the Smart Search feature. Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QRDH2HH


What's New in MobileStaff and BLUEcloud Circ
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 -- 10 a.m.-Noon

Online via Zoom 
Audience: ALS Member Library staff who work with Horizon
Description: MobileCirc is now MobileStaff!  Learn how you can use MobileStaff for inventory and as a backup when Horizon and/or the Internet is down and learn about the new Kiosk mode for patron self-checkout.  BLUEcloud Circ isn't quite ready for prime time for public libraries, but it is another great backup during Citrix connection issues and for school library substitutes who only need the basic item check-in/check-out features.
Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QNKYVTV

MobileStaff and Inventory Basics for Horizon Libraries
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 -- 9 a.m.-Noon

Online via Zoom 
Audience: ALS Member Library staff who work with Horizon
Description:  This session will focus on the inventory process, the use of MobileStaff (formerly MobileCirc), a mobile version of Horizon that allows you to move through the stacks using devices like tablets and smartphones for inventory, and will highlight weeding best practices to get you prepared for inventory.
Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/QFK9BSP

Special Cataloging Q&A
Wednesday, May 19, 2021 -- 9 a.m.-Noon
Online via Zoom 
Audience: Horizon and BLUEcloud Catalogers with questions
Description:  This session will focus on special topics and questions staff have about any aspect of cataloging and issues that are brought up at the Cataloging and Technical Services Meeting scheduled for 4/7/21 (watch your email for more details!).  Some topics that will be covered include adding cover art for older or self-published books and using workforms for original cataloging.
Register here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/W9TN5Z8

A registration reminder/confirmation and log-in information will be sent out one business day before the online training.  Clock hour certificates will be awarded to all attendees via email following the training.
March 4 at 12:00 pm

March 8-26:

Enroll in Facilitator Training: Civil Legal Justice Through Public Libraries

In March 2021, WebJunction will host a free, three-week learning group facilitator training program. In this online course, participants will receive training on how to guide peer learning groups through the Creating Pathways to Civil Legal Justice (CPCLJ) series of self-paced courses. This training is part of WebJunction’s Improving Access to Civil Legal Justice through Public Libraries training initiative in partnership with the Legal Services Corporation.

What are the expectations of participants?

  • Participate in the online learning community from March 8 – 26, engaging in online discussions and completing assignments
  • Attend two live online, instructor-led sessions on March 15 and 22, 2:00-3:00 EST
  • Be prepared to devote approximately six hours of work, including the live online sessions
  • Participate in post-training evaluation activities.
(Click on the WebJunction logo above for more information.)
March 11th & April 6th
Dakota County Library will be hosting two live virtual events centering on Black and African American history and experience. Please help us spread the word about what will be important and powerful programs. All library programs are free—no library card required.
Historical and Personal Reflections on Tragedy, Coping, and Healing
Thursday, March 11, 7–8 p.m.  Zoom virtual event
Join civil rights speaker Lisa McNair as she tells her family’s story of loss and tragedy from the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama that took the life of her sister Denise and three other girls. Geared for adults and teens 14 and older. Zoom virtual event. A Minnesota Legacy Program.  Register here: www.tinyurl.com/DCLMcNair
Black Mental Wellness: The Intersection of Race, Discrimination and Trauma
Tuesday, April 6, 7–9 p.m.  Zoom virtual event
Learn about the effects race, discrimination and Black trauma have on the mental health and overall wellness of African Americans. Get information about mental health, mental health assessments, identifying barriers, prevention, and healing. Presented by Cynthia Fashaw, Director of Multicultural Outreach at Minnesota’s National Alliance on Mental Illness. Registration required. Geared for adults. Register here: www.tinyurl.com/DCLBlackWellness
 March 15th -- 9:30-10:30 am
Arrowhead Library System is hosting a TumbleBookLibrary webinar and you're invited!  A representative from TumbleBookLibrary will be discussing this collection of animated talking picture books, read-alongs, eBooks, and educational games available for ALS patrons and students.  

The webinar will be held on Monday, March 15, 9:30-10:30 a.m.  To register, please click on the following link by 3/11/21: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/RFVMQY8.   You will receive a confirmation email and log-in link one business day before the webinar.

If you can't make the webinar, please feel free to watch a general TumbleBookLibrary How-To video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT9VkFMbT1c&feature=youtu.be
March 19th
March 23, March 30, April 6
March 25th

Celebrate Native American Lives

NA Lives series

The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) and the Minnesota Indian Affairs Council (MIAC) have collaborated to develop the Minnesota Native American Lives Series; three biographies of inspirational American Indian leaders written for students in grades 3 through 5.

This series shares the biographies of Dakota and Ojibwe leaders: Ella Cara Deloria, Charles Albert Bender, and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan.

At an online book launch on March 25, you can ask questions of all three authors and hear from young people who have read the books. You might even win a book through the book giveaway!

Register for the Native American Lives Series book launch

Thursday, March 25, 6:30–8 p.m.

March 26th -- 1:00-2:00 pm
March 31, 2021
Brainfuse Online Training
for ALS Member Library Staff 
Arrowhead Library System is hosting a Brainfuse webinar and you're invited!  Diane Bizzle from Brainfuse will be discussing the two databases available to ALS patrons and students -- HelpNow and JobNow.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, March 31, 10-11 a.m.  To register, please click on the following link by 3/29/21:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8VCQDP9.  You will receive a confirmation email and log-in link one business day before the webinar.
On-Demand Free Webinars through March 31st

Two free webinars-on-demand! These webinars can be viewed for free until March 31st. No registration required; just click on the title below to start viewing:

Upcoming & On-demand webinars

See all available: bibliotheca.com/events



All of our Classics revisited series is available to watch on YouTube

Watch on-demand here


iStock-1152444910 cloudLibrary CAT woman at computer

The Intersection of Publishing + Library Collections Beyond Covid-19 

Discussing opportunities and challenges for publishers and libraries. Register for webinar


LibraryWorks is pleased to offer the following webinars-on-demand for $25/person (normally $49/person) until  March 31. Available for immediate download; just click on any title below to purchase.

Going to Vision: How to Develop a Meaningful and Effective Vision for Your Library
•    To understand getting to vision as a collaborative and iterative process;
•    To ask the kinds of questions that lead to deeper understanding and alignment; and
•    To adopt a shared language that keeps focus on the vision as a motivator.

Financial Oversight Guidelines for Non-Financial Library Managers and Leaders
Topics include what financial oversight means and the difference between oversight and micromanagement, expectations of the director’s financial competency, the different levels of money expertise needed to run a library–from policies to run a cash drawer at the circulation desk to budget projections for the next fiscal cycle, approving budgets, protocols for the purchasing department, the ethics of awarding contracts, policies to vet employees, and discouraging fraud.

Safe and Secure Libraries: Helping Staff Deal with Challenging Patrons
•    The “New” Library Environment
•    Our list of challenging patrons: From pets to pedophiles
•    Opiate users and Narcan
•    Managing homeless and mentally ill patron behavior 
•    Issues enforcing our code of conduct
•    Using space, distance, and proxemic barriers
•    Setting better boundaries with patrons
•    Workplace violence: The run-hide-fight response to active shooters
•    Our library facility security plan
•    Better interactions with the police
•    Verbal judo: The L.E.A.P.S. model

How (and Why) to do a Simple External Communications Audit at your Library
  • What an "external communications audit" is and why it's important
  • Step-by-step instructions for auditing
  • Which print and electronic communications pieces to include
  • Tips for consistent branding
  • How to audit the effectiveness of your communication materials (but we will not cover qualitative and quantitative measurement).
Increasing Library Workplace Engagement and Satisfaction
From this webinar you will learn:
1.) The importance of workplace engagement and job satisfaction to a well-functioning library.
2.) The factors found to influence both workplace engagement and job satisfaction and how they affect the library as a workplace.
3.) Ways to positively influence these factors in your library.

Promoting Your Collections: Messaging, Merchandising and More
• Tie collections to activities and current events
• Use physical items to promote invisible, digital items
• Stop publicizing products, and instead, tout their benefits
• Promote collections outside of your buildings
• Use cross-promotion, alone or with partners, to share info efficiently
• Try simple merchandising techniques to boost circulation

Hybrid/Blended Learning: Combining the Best of Virtual and “In-Person” Education at Your Library
1. You’ve moved programming and reference services online.
2. You participate in virtual staff meetings.
3. Your library customers and co-workers contact you via phone, email, fax, and various sharing apps.
4. And, depending on the scope of your public, academic, or school library’s services, you teach online, partnering in the delivery of classes for homeschoolers, pre-school, K-12 and for institutions of higher learning. 

Transformational by Design: Serving Patrons at Every Life Stage
From this webinar, you will learn:
•    To identify the key human life phases;
•    To understand the essential needs of each phase; and
•    To begin to develop a consistent approach to delivering more powerful service.  
ALS Public Library
Status Update
Docs file available for printing and download HERE.
Open to the public with restrictions and curbside service also available on Monday and Friday 10:00-5:00; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:00-7:00.  For more information, call 218-229-2021 or visit their Facebook page or blog, aurorapubliclibrarymn.blogspot.com.
Open to the public and offers curbside service Monday-Thursday 12:00-6:00 and Friday 12:00-5:00.  Return items to the outside book drop. Please call 218-827-3345, see their Facebook page or visit their blog, babbittlibrary.blogspot.com.
Open with restrictions and curbside service also available Monday-Friday 9:00-4:30 and Saturday 10:00-2:00. Returns accepted inside or in book drop. Call 218-634-2329 or see their Facebook Page.
Curbside service offered Monday-Friday.  Please call for complete information at 218-245-1633 or see their Facebook page.
Offers no-contact Book & Media checkout and return services at the side door entrance. Call 218-258-3391 Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00-6:00.  For more information see their Facebook page.
Open with restrictions and offering curbside service Monday 9:00-5:00, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 10:00-5:00.  Find out the full details by calling 218-247-3108 or visit their Facebook page.
Open with limitations and curbside pickup offered Monday 1:00-6:00, Tuesday - Thursday 1:00-5:00, Saturday 11:00-2:00. For more information, call 218-384-3322, email bethany.leseman@alslib.info, or see their Facebook page.
Curbside pickup available Monday 12:00-6:00, Wednesday 9:00-2:00 and Friday 10:00-3:00. Return materials to the outside book drop, northeast corner of the building. Call 218-254-7913, email at chisholmlibrarymn@gmail.com or see their page on Facebook.
Open to the public Monday-Friday 9:30-5:30, Saturday 9:30-2:00. Curbside pickup of requested materials available upon request. Call 218-879-1531, email Cloquet.library@gmail.com or see their website at cloquetlibrary.org.

Offering curbside pickup of requested materials, also browse the collection and use a computer by appointment Monday-Thursday 9:00-5:00 and Friday 9:00-4:00.  Call 218-245-2315, message them through Facebook or email colerainepubliclibrary@alslib.info.
Offering lobby pickup, Monday-Thursday, 10:00-4:00, curbside pickup available by appointment.  Patrons must call or email ahead to let staff know which day they are picking up items. Return books to the outside book drop.  For more information, call 218-666-2210, email crystal.phillips@alslib.info, see their newsletter HERE or their website, cookpubliclibrary.org.

No appointment curbside pickup at Superior Street Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10:00-4:00 and Thursday 1:00-7:00.  Computer use by appointment during these hours. Returns accepted 24/7 at the book drops of all three branches. For more information, call 218-730-4200 or see their website, duluthlibrary.org.
Offering curbside pickup by appointment Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00. Return items to the exterior book drop by the main doors. Call 218-365-5140 and more information is available at elylibrary.org.
Offering no-contact "At the Door" pick-up of requested materials. This service is for picking up items on hold ONLY. Library staff is available by phone Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00. Return items to the book drop. Check for updates on their Facebook page, email to evepublib@gmail.com or check their website, evelethpubliclibrary.com.
Open Monday-Friday 11:00-5:00. Return all materials to the exterior book drop. To order materials, call 218-748-2230, email gpldirmn@gmail.com, see their Facebook Page or check their website, gilbert.lib.mn.us/home.
Circulation via pickup window. Computer use by appointment, printing and staff help by phone or email Monday-Friday 10:00-5:00 and Saturday 10:00-2:00. Return materials to the exterior drop box. Call 218-387-1140, email gmlib@alslib.info or visit their website, grandmaraislibrary.org

Drive through pickup of holds Monday-Friday 12:00-6:00. Return materials to the drive up drop box. Call 218-326-7640, visit cityofgrandrapidsmn.com/library and check their Facebook page for the most current information.

Contactless curbside pickup of holds offered Monday-Thursday 10:00-4:00.  Return items to the book drop. Contact them by calling 218-362-5959, message them on their Facebook page or visit their website, ci.hibbing.mn.us/residents/library.
Open with restrictions Monday-Friday 11:00-5:00. Curbside pickup is available by appointment.  For full information, call 218-225-2412 or see their website, hoytlakeslibrary.org.
Open Monday-Wednesday 10:00-8:00, Thursday-Friday 10:00-6:00 and Saturday 10:00-3:00 and also offers curbside pickup. Books can be returned inside the library or to the book drop. Call 218-283-8051, email to ifallslibrary@gmail.com or see their website, internationalfallslibrary.us.
Offers curbside pickup by appointment and delivery within the city limits by calling Paula at 218-969-8977.
Open Monday & Friday 1:00-5:00, Tuesday & Thursday 1:00-6:00, and Wednesday 12:00-7:00. For more information, call 218-247-7676, or message them through Facebook.
Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10:00-5:00 and Thursday 10:00-7:00. Curbside pickup is still available.  Return items to the interior or exterior book drop.  Call 218-485-4424, visit their website, cityofmooselake.net/284/public-library, or see Facebook for more.
Curbside pickup only Monday-Thursday 10:00-6:00 and Friday 10:00-2:00. Return all materials to the interior or exterior book drop.  Call 218-735-8625, message them on Facebook, email anna.amundson@alslib.info or see their website at mountainironlibrary.com.
Offering curbside pickup by appointment. Return items to the book drop. Call 218-226-4331, email silverbaypubliclibrary@gmail.com or see their blog, silverbaynews.blogspot.com.
Open and offering curbside service Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:30-5:00 and Tuesday & Thursday 11:30-7:00. Return materials to the exterior book drop. Call 218-834-3148, email thplinfo@gmail.com or see their website, twoharborspubliclibrary.com.
Offering curbside pickup of library items on hold Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 9:00-5:00, Tuesday 9:00-6:00, and Saturday 10:00-2:00.  Click HERE or call the library at 218-748-7525. See their Facebook page or virginiapubliclibrary.info
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