Seeds are Magic!

Welcome to February Avondaliens! Time for cold weather crops is just around the corner. And some of those warm weather crops need to be started indoors soon. Wait, didn’t it just snow last week? But those slow-ass pepper seeds need to be started, well, like, next week. Is it already time to make sure I have all my seed starting supplies? Why do we always feel behind when just yesterday it felt like we had all the time in the world before the 2023 gardening season? Howwwww will we keep everything on track?!

Good News!

AGA has you covered. First, AGA February is all about seeds. Get access to our free AGA seed library here! Make sure to join our AGA dedicated seed swap Facebook sub-group (opens March 13th) to see what your neighbors are trading- you don’t need to have your own seeds to share to join. Whether you join the dedicated Facebook sub-group or not, don’t miss the fun of our in-person swap on Sunday, February 26th. Any seeds you trade in the dedicated Facebook sub-group, seeds you request through the AGA seed library, and any seeds you ordered through our AGA bulk orders will be available for you at our in-person swap.

Excited to get your seeds but a bit intimidated about getting them started? No worries. The AGA will have an in-person seed starting demonstration on Thursday, March 2nd. Can’t make it that day or need a little extra support? Hit up our YouTube channel and watch your neighbors chat about the ins and outs of seed starting.
Second, the AGA 2023 AGA wall calendar will walk you through your whole gardening season. Stop sweating the weeks-from-frost math and spend your energy basking in the magic of seeds. Love the tips, resources, support, and laughs you get from our Facebook Group? Imagine all that information presented in an organized fashion to gently walk you through your gardening year. Our $10 interactive calendar has a QR code for every month that takes you through your gardening season week by week, with regular tweeks, updates, and fun local information. Reserve your copy here!
Reserve Your Calendar Now!

Mindful Living Garden

We are so excited to welcome the Corner Farm community to our AGA Mindful Living Garden!

We are remarkably lucky to be partnering with Corner Farm to shepherd our community garden. Corner Farm and the AGA share common goals of developing community networks and making immersive nature available to all neighbors. What does this mean for you? More workshop and demonstration programming, more consistent work days, more community, and more FUN! Stay tuned to upcoming MLG events through our newsletter and at the MLG facebook group. It’s a great time to get involved!

Early Warning!

Our 2023 book club pick is Plenty: One Man, One Woman, and a Raucous Year of Eating Locally. Our book club meeting will be in April.

The first hour will be a discussion of this book and the second hour will be a swap/show-and-tell for all things gardening resources. Got a favorite gardening podcast? Most helpful gardening book? Gardening magazine you love? A gardening tool you can’t live without? Let’s talk gardening books and resources! Chicago Public Library has 6 copies of this book- put yours on hold today.

More Upcoming Events

We like to plan ahead!

• Feb. 13: Seed Swap Facebook Group Opens
• Feb. 26: Seed Swap
• March 2: Seed Starting 101
• March 9: Intro to Pruning Fruit Trees Zoom *watch parties*
• March 12: Intro to Pruning Demo in Avondale
• April: Book Club
• May 21: Seedling Swap & Plant Sale
• May 28: Spring in the Garden aka 'CON event'
• Aug. 27: Agriculture & Gardening Fair
• Sept. 24: Harvest Fest Social
• Nov. 5: Houseplant Swap & BINGO

More Info on Upcoming Events
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