Our biggest, most fun event, the AGA Garden and Agriculture Fair (AGAF), is right around the corner on Sunday, August 28th!

Remember how much fun we had last year? Help us make it even better this year. If you live in the map area below, let us know if you’d be willing to host a fair stop! No matter where you live, let us know if you’d like to participate by demonstrating a skill to your neighbors, helping coordinate the raffle, sharing your favorite garden recipe, introducing us to new ways to use our plants, helping promote the event, curate a host site, or supporting the AGAF in another way.

The AGAF is an excellent way to get involved in your community for introverts and extroverts alike!

Here's a reminder of LAST YEAR'S AGAF activities (this year's map will be posted closer to the event date):

Get involved in the 2022 AGAF

Avondale Community Chickens

Our Avondale community chickens are finally in their coop! Come by and say "hi!" at 3224 N. Richmond St.

Become a chicken tender - join our August 7th orientation to get a chicken 101 demo, get a key to the coop, and get on the chicken tender schedule to help us get the Linne Egg-cademy up and running!

The ladies, enjoying their brand new coop!

Happy Hour Gatherings

We’re working on scheduling/arranging a bunch of happy hour socials across E-W Avondale and varied across days of the week to allow us to informally socialize a little more this summer. Examples are: HHs at MLG (Mindful Living Garden) (some photos below from our most recent one!), at Rooted with a floral design demo (photos below as well!), at Emily G’s with a sprout & microgreens demo, tagging into the Avondale Neighborhood Association's Avondale Bar Crawl, and more!

Floral Design Demo Recap

Thank you to Lynn at Rooted for hosting a fun floral design demo/potluck/happy hour. All the flowers were "recycled" and brought to Woodbridge Nursing Pavilion to be displayed and enjoyed!

Upcoming Events

• Sun. Aug. 7th: Chickens 101: Become a Chicken Tender
• Sun. Aug. 7th: Fall Refresh Plant Sale (+ Potluck!) (hosted by our friends at Bricktown Farm)
• Thurs. Aug. 11th: Happy Hour with Microgreens & Sprouts Demo
• Sat. Aug. 13th: Avondale Bar Crawl (hosted by our friends at the Avondale Neighborhood Association)
• Sun. Aug. 28th: Avondale Garden & Agriculture Fair
• Sun. Sept. 25th: Harvest Festival

More Info on Upcoming AGA Events
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