Welcome to Halloween/Samhain season!

While we are buttoning up our gardens for the season, we aren’t hibernating- we are all about garden plans and cozy boozy baked goods parties here at the AGA! So get a jump start on next season with our JUGSJUGSJUGS Winter Sowing demonstration + other winter workshops and events.

Houseplant Swap & Bingo

Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean the AGA fun is over for the year! 

THIS SUNDAY is our 3rd annual AGA Houseplant Swap and bingo extravaganza November 6th from 3 to 6pm upstairs at Chief O’Neill’s. Be sure to join our AGA Houseplant Facebook group to claim the plants you're most interested in (but there will be plenty of swapping happening on event day, too)!

Lots of sharing, lots of fun prizes. And BINGO!

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Remember how fun this event was last year?

Harvest Fest Recap

If you missed our Harvest Fest you missed some AMAZING homemade snacks. We did our first annual potluck charcuterie board and it was a HIT. It was so fun to share our harvests, reconnect with our community, and meet some new neighbors! We also swapped recipes like the favorites below.

Pesto Recipe (from Diana)

Fill up a food processor 2/3rds with nasturtium leaves and a handful of late season Basil. Pulse then add 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 cup olive oil, lemon juice. Pulse again add 1 cup pistachios and a handful of toasted pine nuts. Pulse add shredded parmesan cheese. Add more lemon juice or olive oil to taste. Season s+p, a little red pepper flake. Garnish with nast flowers!

Dill Pickles Recipe (from Natasha)

Natasha uses this recipe and modifies with hot peppers she’s growing. She also loves this recipe for bread and butter pickles.

Shout Out!

Special shout out to AGA member Maggie Gryske for coordinating our bulk garlic order!

Make sure to Join our Facebook Group Avondale Gardeners to stay on top of all the resources and information sharing in our community. We promise it’s one of the best places to hang out on the internet! We’re planning: bulk native seeds, group native plants, and bulk/group seed orders!

Native Seeds

Reminder: Start thinking about & planning for natives! 

Some natives require Cold Stratification (CS) for x days before average last frost. Natives needing 120 CS days should be started mid-late Nov. 90 CS days, just before Christmas. More common, 60 CS days, mid-Jan and 30 CS days, mid-Feb. AGA will expand on this and native seed starting at the Winter Sowing demo and in our Facebook group.

Upcoming Events

• Early Nov.: Native seeds bulk order (more info coming soon)
• Sun. Nov. 6th: Houseplant swap and BINGO
• Sun. Dec. 11th: Native seed swap, winter sowing, Booze & Bake
• Early Jan.: Group/bulk seed order
• Feb.: Pruning 101

More Info on Upcoming Events
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