Happy Fall Equinox!

It’s fall equinox time! The days are getting shorter, fall is starting to edge in, and our gardens are beginning to wind down.

Let’s embrace the abundance of our gardens together!

Harvest Fest

Get ready for HARVEST FEST on Sunday, September 25, from 3 to 6pm!

Harvest festivals are believed to be the oldest forms of festivals around the world. They are a way of thanking nature for the bounty it offers. Here in Avondale, we like to use the harvest festival as a way to share our bounty with each other and celebrate community. SO! Join us at Frank & Mary’s Tavern and get in the spirit with our grown up show and tell.

Bring your favorite dish, this year’s favorite tomato, your famous bread and butter pickles, the bread you’ve finally mastered- anything that makes you happy! Bonus points if what you contribute has components from your garden or a skill you’ve learned. SUPER bonus if you can add to our potluck charcuterie board! 


No need to bring anything other than yourself though. You are more than enough, neighbor!

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Avondale Garden & Ag Fair Recap

Part of what the AGA is thankful for this harvest season is the opportunity to share the AGA Garden and Agriculture Fair! AGAF was super fun again this year and we love to showcase new skills to our neighbors.

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s a little taste of our most favorite event:

2022 AGA Garden and Agriculture Fair Slideshow

Houseplant Bingo

Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean the AGA fun is over for the year! Mark your calendars for the AGA Houseplant swap and bingo extravaganza on Sunday, November 6th from 3 to 6pm upstairs at Chief O’Neill’s.

Lots of sharing, lots of fun prizes. And BINGO!

New Shirts!

Pre-order of new black AGA shirts will open this Sunday at Harvest Fest! BLACK SHIRTS, finally! $15 cash pre-order and $16.50 after that.

Upcoming Events

• Sat. Sept. 24th: MLG Work Day/Block Party
• Sun. Sept. 25th: Harvest Festival
• Mon. Sept. 26th: Become a Chicken Tender- Chickens 101
• Sat. Oct. 8th: Avondale East Bar Crawl (organized by our friends at the ANA)
• Early Nov.: Native seeds bulk order (more ordering info coming soon)
• Sat. Nov. 5th: Fall Family Health Fair (AGA will be helping the community make seed balls!)
• Sun. Nov. 6th: Houseplant swap and BINGO
• Sun. Dec. 11th: Native plants swap, winter sowing, Booze & Bake

More Info on Upcoming Events
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