"And all at once, summer collapsed into fall."  -Oscar Wilde

Quick Overview

  • Ideas on how to make space for innovation as a change-agent and grow your integrative health program in this month’s blogpost
  • Research news:  group-delivered care, federal funding for cancer care, special integrative oncology issue, Mayo's prospective study on integrative medicine services inpatient use
  • Community job announcements
  • From the Facebook Page: kid-friendly mindfulness practices

Blog Highlights

  • Making Space for Growth and Innovation: When you are changing the modern medical system toward embracing more "care", "patient-centered-ness", and "health" paradigm, you will need to make time and room for innovation, change, and embracing failure.  This podcast interview shares practical tools to make space and time for the growth mindset and space for innovation every organization needs to grow and thrive.

October updates

  • JACM Call for Research Papers on Group Therapy like Tai Chi, Yoga, and Mindfulness
  • Federal Funding for Cancer Care Programs Approved this Fall
    • For those of you working in cancer support programs, palliative care, and research, some positive news on the horizon for 2019 federal funding on the ACS-CAN website.
  • JACM special issue on Integrative Oncology is out with free access this month
    • JACM integrative oncology special issue is out and access is currently free.  If you have a favorite integrative oncology article, whether it is in this special issue or it is 15 years old, please send me a note with the citation and why it is your favorite.  Or, if not “favorite”, then “something we should pay attention to”.  Thank you.
  • AIHM Conference
    • I attended the AIHM Conference at the end of September; posted some pics in the Facebook group and public Facebook page.  I am still processing my notes and experience and will  post more in blogposts or newsletter later.  But, would like to share a snack-size bit about Aurora's emergency department (ED) acupuncture program here...
    • #EDacupuncture in Aurora system, Wisconsin
      • As some of you who saw my Facebook group posts know, I did an impromptu interview with John Burns of Aurora Health (Wisconsin) at the AIHM conference on his work on acupuncture in the ER. 
      • Thank you to Steven for giving me a heads up about his program’s poster submission to the conference.  Which, by the way, took first place in the AIHM poster award ceremony!  Congrats to the Aurora Team!!
      • I am going through some follow up questions and review for John and hope to have a blogpost out about it later this season.  Thank you to everyone in the group who submitted questions in time for my interview with him.
      • While you are waiting for my interview notes with John, I recommend checking out the LinkedIn posts the Aurora Integrative Medicine program Director posted about the poster award.  And a recent news clip of the work


  • Recommended Study to Read This Month: From Mayo’s St. Mary’s and Methodist hospitals of Rochester, Minnesota
    • From the Mayo Clinic, St. Mary’s and Methodist hospitals, a prospective study of integrative medicine services.  87% of the integrative medicine services were massage therapy performed by an NCMTMB certified massage therapist and 9% were acupuncture services by an LAc.  Both services were found to statistically significantly decrease pain level post-treatment.  Over 1/3 of the hospitalized patients fell asleep during treatment, which researchers found fascinating as a future research potential since good quality sleep/rest helps decrease need for medications (whether it is meds to induce sleep or meds to decrease pain because lack of sleep increases pain and other symptoms), and significantly improves outcomes in an environment (inpatient hospital space) that is not naturally conducive to rest.
      • source:  Stephanie D. Clark, Brent A. Bauer, Sairey Vitek, Susanne M. Cutshall.  Effect of Integrative Medicine Services on Pain for Hospitalized Patients at an Academic Health Center.  Explore:  The Journal of Science and Healing.  2018.

The Directory of Hospital-based Learning Opportunities

  • Get your hospital-based resource (mentorship, internship, course, etc) listed in a new HHP directory!  Find Your Trail Guides:  The Hospital-practice Learning & Mentorship Opportunities Directory.  
  • Learn more about what qualifies as a learning opportunity in this post

Facebook Page Highlights

  • Self-Care Saturdays Theme
    • 3 Kid-friendly mindful breathing practices to try with parents.  “teaching kids mindfulness practices can build students’ attentiveness, respect for fellow classmates, self-control, and empathy”
    • If you are an educator, the Mindful Education Summit is on this October and there is limited free access to the sessions when they are live. 
    • Movement 30 minutes a day makes a difference in all aspects of your well-being.  Need some peer motivation to move?  Check out what they are doing at the Move30Collective
  • Leadership and Workplace Monday
    • What are 3 qualities of a successful leader?  How can you learn and practice these qualities?  Learn more here
  • Philanthropy Friday
    • October 15th was Global Handwashing Day.  How can you support basic hand washing for health in your community and globally?  See the FAQ sheet! 
    • Acupuncture Now Foundation’s documentary on how an Acupuncturist’s work in a pediatric hospital impacted the lives of children and their families positively. 

Job Announcements

  • The Cleveland Clinic is hiring!   Please send your CV via the job announcement and don't delay if you are interested. Interviews will start swiftly.

Metrics in clinical practice

  • Do you know how to use a basic pain scale as a consistent metric?
  • Did you know that, when used consistently, it not only improves your ability to measure your patient's clinical outcomes, it helps you better report those outcomes to the referring provider?
  • We cover how to use this basic metric for success in clinical practice in our first metrics course.  Please check it out today!   All proceeds support the Hospital Handbook Project. 
  • Thank you.

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