Happy Spring Equinox 2018!
This issue: Survey Results, community news, self-care for springtime, and  fixed links from last newsletter

Yay for daylight, daffodils, daisies, and dandelions!

Before we get into the latest news, wanted to re-share the blogpost links that were breaking in the last email newsletter.  Date of blogpost included in case they break again.  They are getting high traffic right now.

  1. Joint Commission Pain Management Standard Update (Sept 2017)
  2. The standard occupational code (SOC) for Acupuncturists from the Bureau of Labor & Statistics is officially in use (Feb. 25, 2018)
  3. The VA Occupational Code/Staffing Handbook, for the first time, included Acupuncturists as a distinct staffing denomination (Feb. 18, 2018)

Video Spotlight This Week
Why This Project?  --Megan's story

Survey Results
At the beginning of the year, I gave the hospital practice community a link to a short online survey, "Re-prioritizing projects 2018-2019".
Here are a summary of the results and feedback.  The survey showed:
Requests for

  • Short online courses with pdfs and longer online courses with continuing education credit available (PDAs)
  • More blogposts
  • Opportunities for collaboration on projects
  • Renewed interest in subjects covered in the Webinar Series


  • Online courses--have already begun the work.  Beta-testing of courses is available through the membership site.  Stay tuned to future newsletters for official course launch info and links.
  • Blogposts--I have been posting more often since the new year began.  However, I am interested in working with the community to highlight some guest blogposts.  If you are interested, contact me.  The first guest post opportunity created is the "research reviews".  If you are interested in reviewing a paper once a month and writing a summary blogpost, review the requirements and contact me.
  • Focus on getting the Webinar Series going.  The outline is available on the membership site. Working with members of the hospital-practice community to pick a topic or subtopic they would like to discuss or present on.  If you haven't talked with me about it this year, please contact me.  We will also need some funding to get this project off the ground in 2018-2019.  If you, your business, or organization can sponsor one or more of these presentations, please contact me for details.  Sponsorship cost would help offset costs of recording, hosting, editing, (tech stuff), and transcription.  Sponsor would be named during the interview/recording and listed on the sponsor page of our website.  If interested, please contact me.
Happenings in the Integrative Health Community
Spring Self-Care Highlights
Just started a new theme with the public Facebook page, "Self-Care Saturdays".  Here is a taste:

Have any announcements related to hospital-practice resources you want to share in a future newsletter?  Could be an upcoming seminar, book, audiovisual resource, a self-care resource or more.  Let me know!
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Hope you are able to get outdoors, like these girls exploring their local Pacific Northwest beach!

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Next email will focus on "Metrics" related to your biopsychosocial, patient-centered model of care

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