Some brief community news while I am travelling/moving across country.

I am currently on the road with my little family as we move across the country.  I have been reading some John Muir prose-poetry to match our mountain-driving days (see photo above of Mt. Rainier, east of Paradise visitor center area) and stopping to watch the bison roam and graze in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota.

I hope you all get some time and good weather to enjoy the outdoors this season!

Brief Community News  
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  1. Add to your clinical outcome measures tools by taking our “How to use the Pain Scale in Your Chart Note” mini course or use the link on the teachable site. It reviews the current pain scale options, which fit your patient-centered paradigm, how to use it in your East Asian Medicine chart note, and how to combine it with other measures as part of your clinic’s metrics.  Using simple metrics in your clinical work helps you measure individual patient progress and overall “outcome measures” for your clinic.  This kind of data can be used when communicating with insurance companies and hospital administrators about your work and patient-centered outcomes. 
    1. Read the popular blogpost that the course builds upon.  
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  3. Ask a question through our Facebook page.  While I am travelling and moving to our new home, several hospital-practice volunteers are helping field questions from the Page to the hospital-practice group..  Answers to questions I have received in the past can be found in the How to Get Your Foot in the Door of Hospital Practice pdf, now available for pre-order and in the many posts over at the blog
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More to come after we are settled this August/September 2018.  

Looking forward to hearing from you!
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