December 2022

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TL;DR: Megan learned 5 lessons in 2022, Erin wrote about Be a Team & could you Help Us realize our mission? There's $500 in it for you.

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It’s tempting to quickly turn the page from 2022, after a year that was challenging in so many ways. When you combine war in Ukraine, the scaling back of women’s rights, and the rise of antisemitism and white nationalism, you can’t be blamed for wanting to flip the calendar for a fresh start.

Still, there is reason to pause and reflect on any year, and when I look back at 2022 I see signs of hope that brighter days are ahead. For TEN7, it was a year of growth and learning. We leaned into our values, stayed focused on our mission, and can look back with gratitude for the opportunities we’ve had to Make Things That Matter.

The challenges we all face will continue in 2023, but we can build off of what we have learned and look for ways to make a difference in the year to come.

Learning Lessons on the Way

If 2022 taught us anything, it’s that we all have a role to play if we want to make the world a better place. We can march. We can organize. We can vote. We can keep putting one foot in front of the other to try to bring about change.

The key to making progress is learning from your experiences, and that’s exactly what our Director of Growth, Megan Glover, did over the last year. On her one-year anniversary she took a moment to reflect on her experiences and five lessons she learned to guide her forward.

These lessons are a good reminder for all of us, so I encourage you to take a moment to give her post a read.

Living Our Values: Be a Team

One of the highlights of the past year has been the growth of our TEN7 team and the way each person we have hired has embraced the TEN7 values. It’s not easy to balance growth with protecting the team culture, but we’ve been fortunate to bring in new talent that is all in on our mission.

Last month, in the final installment of our “Living Our Values” series, we took a closer look at Be a Team. In many ways, this value incorporates all of the others: Be Inclusive, Be Honest, Be Open, and Be Mindful. It defines how we treat each other as colleagues, how we work with our clients, and how we see ourselves as active participants in the world around us.

I led off our look at Be a Team discussing how this value makes TEN7 unique. We understand good ideas can come from anywhere and our success depends on everyone feeling heard and valued. Our discussion continued with a post by our Chief of Staff, Erin Cardinal, who reflected on how, even as a distributed workforce, Be a Team has helped bring everyone together.

Scaling Our Mission

One of the reasons we are so vocal about our values and our mission is because we want to attract clients who share our desire to make a difference. One look at our work shows that to be the case. Here are just a few examples of partners we worked with last year:

These are clients and projects that are making a real difference in people’s lives and in the world, and we are always looking to do more. Do you know other organizations we should work with? You do? Tell us! And you could get a nice $500 bonus for the effort! Here’s more:

This is what values-driven work looks like and it’s why I can look back on 2022 with gratitude, despite the many challenges that we are all facing. The work is just beginning. We need to stay focused on creating a world where peace, equality and empathy win the day. Let’s stay true to our values and find even more ways to Make Things That Matter in 2023.

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