September 2022

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TL;DR: Welcome to new FTE Janna, Director of UX; Erin's Behind the Scenes, a post about our value Be Honest from Nora & Mother Bear Project on OO8B

Hey there,

The start of a new school year offers a good reminder that we all need to take a moment now and then to regroup, reset our vision, and step boldly into the future.

This year, despite the MANY significant challenges facing our nation and our world, I can’t help but feel a dash of optimism in the air. Just like students who are walking into their new classes with fresh notebooks and pencils, TEN7 is marching into a new chapter poised to accomplish great things, and to Make Things That Matter.

Welcoming New Leadership and New Vision

As I mentioned in my last newsletter, we have expanded our leadership team with the addition of Janna Netland Lover as our new Director of User Experience. We officially welcomed Janna aboard in August and she has hit the ground running, bringing new talents and ideas that will elevate our ability to help clients achieve their goals. Look for a blog post from Janna next month as she explains her decision to join TEN7 and her vision for her role!

In the wake of Janna’s arrival, I was lucky enough to be able to facilitate our first Leadership Team Retreat at a lake house just outside of the Twin Cities, getting us away from our day-to-day responsibilities to focus on the big picture for where we want to take TEN7 in the coming years. I’ll write in more detail about the retreat in the coming weeks, but the word that best describes the experience is “inspiring.” I am blown away by the quality of this team, the energy they bring to the table, and their commitment to living our values as we find new ways to grow the business. This is an exciting time. I can’t wait to share more!

Showcasing the Voices of Our Team

The growth of our team has allowed us to bring in unique perspectives and talents, such as our Chief of Staff, Erin Cardinal. Last month, in the latest of our series of Behind the Scenes segments, Erin had the opportunity to explain how her background in the culinary world prepared her well for her role at TEN7. We’ve been lucky to draw on her organizational skills and her talents in the kitchen as we grow our team and our business.

Living Our Values - Be Honest

As we plan for the future, it’s important to remember that we are grounded in the values that have driven us to this point. Last month, in the second part of a series examining our TEN7 Values, we took a closer look at “Be Honest.”

I began the discussion with a post explaining that honesty involves more than telling the truth. Living this value requires empathy and understanding, so your clients and your team members know what to expect and where they stand.

Following my post, Project Manager Nora Allen explained what “Be Honest” means to her and how much simpler work, and life, can be when you default to the truth. I hope you’ll give her post a read!

The Inspiration of Unconditional Love

Imagining a better future starts with a commitment to do your part to make a difference. That’s exactly what Amy Berman, a recent guest on ONE OF 8 BILLION, did after reading an article about child abuse and HIV in Africa. Amy took action and started the Mother Bear Project, which has distributed nearly 200,000 handmade bears to kids in emerging nations affected by HIV/AIDS.

I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to the episode, and hear her inspiring story.

Cautious Signs of Hope

For the last several years, I’ve felt like there has been a dark cloud overhead as we’ve struggled through the pandemic, the insurrection, chaos, and threats to our basic rights and freedoms. It may be premature, but I’m starting to have hope that the tide is turning. Maybe justice, peace, and a return to focusing on the common good are on the way!

In any case, all we can do is march forward and do our part to make that vision a reality. Speak out. Stand up for what’s right. This is how we turn our vision for brighter days into reality.

Until next time,

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