June 2022

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TL;DR: Another shooting, rights seemingly eroding & yet we persist by living our values, supporting & bringing aboard women leaders & staying positive.

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Our nation didn’t need another school shooting to know we have a problem with gun violence. Just like we didn’t need a leaked Supreme Court memo to know that women’s rights are under assault.
For decades, and through more mass shootings than we can even name, gun safety laws have been stonewalled by lawmakers who would rather collect checks from the NRA and offer “thoughts and prayers” to victims.  

Also for decades, activist lawmakers have been pushing the Supreme Court to the right, while states have been passing draconian laws restricting the right to choose.

Our hope right now is that enough has finally become enough. Maybe the images of children gunned down in Uvalde, TX will finally force changes in gun laws. Maybe the impending reversal of Roe v. Wade will finally help us collectively rise up to protect fundamental rights for women. We’ll see.

At TEN7, we want to be part of positive change. Living our values requires us to be open, to be honest and to be inclusive. That means speaking out about controversial issues in the name of what’s right. It also means acting in a way that aligns with those views and beliefs. Perhaps never before has it been this important to let our values lead us forward.

Putting Our Money Where Our Values Are

Last month, I wrote a blog post announcing that TEN7 was making a $1,000 donation to Planned Parenthood in an effort to support women’s abilities to make their own decisions about their health care. We also offered to match any gifts from TEN7 team members — up to $100 for employees and up to $50 for contractors.
I’m happy to be able to support an organization that is on the front lines of the fight for women’s rights and health, and I’m overjoyed to report that our team as a whole has contributed nearly $2,000 to this cause.

This is a fight that is just beginning. Please consider making your own donation to Planned Parenthood, contact your lawmakers, get out and march, and let’s protect women’s rights and health!

Supporting Women-Owned Businesses

Another way we live our values is by helping clients who make a difference in the world. We especially love when those businesses are run by women!

That’s why we are grateful to work with Pie & Mighty, a small pie shop in Minneapolis, not far from George Floyd Square. The women who opened Pie & Mighty are forces of good in the community, operating with a mission to bring pie and joy to the lives of their customers.

We were honored to work with them to simplify their customer communications efforts, letting them spend less time on sorting data and more time baking pies. We hope you’ll check them out and we encourage you to stop by for some pie!

Bringing Aboard Women Leaders

Perhaps one of the best ways we can support women is by tapping into and supporting their talents and leadership. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been making a concerted effort to grow my leadership team. This growth has been almost entirely fueled by women.

In addition to our Director of Operations, Dani Adelman, and our Director of Growth, Megan Glover, I am excited to announce that I am bringing on a new member of our leadership team, Janna Netland Lover as our Director of User Experience. Janna is going to elevate our work to new levels. I look forward to sharing more about her role soon.

Supporting Opportunity around the World

We love spotlighting efforts to bring hope and opportunity to others. That’s why we were so happy Tolu Adeleye agreed to be our guest on ONE OF 8 BILLION. Tolu co-founded AJ Tennis Academy International to help kids in emerging countries achieve their potential. I hope you’ll take a moment to listen to this inspiring story.

Finding a Positive Path in Trying Times

Our nation and our world are struggling with weighty issues right now. We recently marked the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd. We collectively mourn the victims in Uvalde, Texas and in Buffalo, NY. At the same time, the war on women’s rights is escalating and the war in Ukraine rages on.

We can’t shut down in the face of these challenges. Each of us needs to step up and pitch in. Maybe it’s donating to Planned Parenthood, Razom for Ukraine, or World Central Kitchen.  Maybe it’s joining a march supporting Everytown for Gun Safety or Moms Demand Action.

No matter what you choose, don’t sit on the sidelines. We can make a better future, but we must each play a part.

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Feel Good Finisher: Did you hear about how the social media teams for the Yankees and Rays raised awareness about gun violence? Made me a fan! 
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