March 26th is Purple Day
Ruby hosting her fourth Purple Day at school - educating her peers about epilepsy.
Ruby's Story
By: Ruby's mother, Mary

Ruby had her first seizure the summer of 2013. She had just finished grade 1 and was taking a writing class for summer school. She woke up one night and asked for her dad to sleep in her bed. An hour later I was awakened to the screams of Bryce calling out Ruby’s name and when I turned on the light Bryce was holding Ruby as she shook uncontrollably. After a second seizure we had our first of many EEG’s and this was the beginning of our worst nightmare; our healthy, happy-go-lucky sunshine girl was diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy.
It was scary and stressful but after a few years when the seizures were less frequent we got into a better rhythm. We found the right dose of medicine and we saw our sunshine girl was returning to her normal self. We always openly talked about epilepsy to our friends, teachers, and classmates to help Ruby feel supported. It worked because she was able to do a presentation about Purple Day in Grades 2, 3, 4 and now 5! Her friends were always engaged, asked questions and loved her for showing them that epilepsy was not something to be feared, not something that would prevent her from doing the things she loved and most importantly, that she knew this was just a part of her but it did not define her.

Now, she has been seizure free for just over two years and we have worked slowly toward the day when she will no longer need her medicine. It’s a new scary time: what if the seizures return? What if her mood changes again?  The unknown is always scary but we cannot predict what will happen so we are trying not to focus on that.

We vow to be a part of Purple Day every year and will continue to educate and talk about epilepsy awareness in our daily lives. We want to thank the BC Epilepsy Society for all their support over the years and for the opportunity to share our story.
Ruby, Bryce, and Mary
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Purple Day 2017!

Purple Day is a day celebrated and observed globally, dedicated to raising awareness surrounding epilepsy. Individuals and groups host events, distribute information, and wear purple to support epilepsy awareness!

25 schools, individuals, businesses, health organizations, and other groups have hosted Purple Day events across the Lower Mainland over the past few weeks. The BC Epilepsy Society was happy to provide information packets, posters, ribbons, bracelets, and other resources to support their efforts!

What can you still do to recognize Purple Day? Check out BC Place, the Olympic Cauldron, Roger’s Arena, and other landmarks around Vancouver that will be lit up in Purple. Tell us your story of living with epilepsy. Donate to the BC Epilepsy Society.
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