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UK - Please find attached our estimation of availability of Koppert Cress products for next week.
NL - Hierbij ontvangt u de verwachte beschikbaarheid van de Koppert Cress producten voor volgende week.
DE - Unten finden Sie die Zusammenfassung aller Verfügbarkeiten der Koppert Cress Produkte für die nächste Woche.
FR - Veuillez trouver ci-joint notre estimation de la disponibilité des produits Koppert Cress pour la semaine prochaine.
ES - Por favor, encuentre a continuación la estimación de disponibilidad de productos Koppert Cress para la próxima semana.
PT - Por favor encontre a nossa estimativa de disponibilidade de produtos Koppert Cress para a próxima semana.

Inspiration with Strawberry! Strawberry tart with Melissa Cress and Zallotti Blossom  🍀🌱🌿 Give the unique touch 👌

Not available / Niet leverbaar / Nicht verfügbar / Indisponible / No disponible / Não disponível

We proudly present the Cressperience Box including a LIVE Session containing a wide selection of 8 Cresses and 14 Specialties from our range. 

Are you interested in an ‘Online Cressperience’ by Koppert Cress? Send an email to or call +31 174242819 and contact our Customer Services team directly.


Fully available / Volledig leverbaar / Voll verfügbar / Entièrement disponible / Totalmente disponible / Totalmente disponível




  • Dulce Mix 
  • (Atsina® Cress, Sechuan Cress, Limon Cress, Honny® Cress)
  • Sakura Mix 
    (Sakura Cress®, BroccoCress®, Rock Chives®, Shiso Purple, Tahoon® Cress, Borage Cress / optional Red Mustard Cress or Affilla Cress)
  • Shiso Leaves Mix 
    (Shiso Leaves Green, Shiso Leaves Purple)
  • Shiso Mixed 
    (Shiso Purple, Shiso Green, Mustard Cress, Daikon Cress®)
  • WhatZnew Mix (Autumn Edition)
    (Motti Cress, Vene Cress, Adji Cress, Kyona Mustard Cress) 

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* Order in advance / Vooraf bestellen / Nur auf Bestellung / Commandez à l'avance / Con antelación / Encomende com antecedência
** With reservation / Onder voorbehoud / Unter Vorbehalt / Sous réservation / Con reserva / Con reserva
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