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micro:bit broadcast Final Issue #34

Hi everyone,

As mentioned in the last issue, this will be the last micro:bit broadcast.

Thank you all for keeping up to date with everything micro:bit, for creating cool stuff, sharing it and, most of all, for being an awesome community overall!

Knowing how much you'd like to hear about our changes in our privacy policy, I'll keep it short and sweet: All user data will be removed after this newsletter is sent.

And remember:

So long and thanks for all the fish!



New Product: SparkFun gator:bit
A development board for BBC micro:bit. Almost every pin on the micro:bit is broken out to alligator clippable pads so you can get the most out of it. Gator:bit comes equipped with five addressable LEDs, a built-in buzzer (speaker) as well as a power management system that gives you access to 3.3V and 5V.
New Product: enviro:bit
Sense the world around you with enviro:bit! It's loaded with sensors for air and weather, colour and light, and sound, and slots right onto your micro:bit.
New Product: noise:bit
Make your micro:bit sing with noise:bit! It's a tiny speaker that packs a fair bit of punch, and it's perfect for BLEEPS and BLOOPS!
New Product: Power:Bit
This neat little board makes it easy and robust to power your BBC micro:bit on the move. No wires to break or get tangled. It even includes a power switch.
The pins of the micro:bit are replicated so you can plug the unit into most accessories directly
New Product: Gamepad module with Joystick and Buttons
Adds arcade controls to your micro:bit, makes it possible to turn the micro:bit into a mini game console. There's onboard buzzer to play music and game background effect. It is powered from a 14500 Li-ion battery (not included), conversely, it allows to charge the battery through USB connection.
New product: Edge Breakout for micro:bit, I/O Expansion
An edge connector expansion board designed for micro:bit, breakout the I/O pins to 2.54mm pitch pin headers for easy use.


:GAME ZIP 64 Lesson Plan.
We've worked closely with a Teacher (Lorraine Underwood) to produce a series of resources that contain very detailed lesson plans that cater to a wide range of abilities, making it possible to use them with younger students too.


The micro:bit House
(A 10-part project log)
Around the beginning of 2017 the idea of building a model smart home powered by a micro:bit began to take root in my head...
A micro:bit Directional Indicator for Bicycle Helmets
Instructions how to build a simple micro:bit based directional indicator for bicycle helmets (or similar). It uses the accelerometers build in the micro:bit as controls.
Mother’s Day craft
A Mother’s Day recycled craft using micro:bit, neopixel and laser cutter.
Drum Lights
12 drummers, wearing a special costume laced with neopixel lights. A micro:bit attached to the underside of each drum picks up the vibrations caused by hitting the drum, and sends a message to a second micro:bit attached to the lights, which turns the lights on and off in time with the drumming.
A micro:bit Dive-o-Meter
DIY depth gauge that allows you to measure how deep you are, or were, diving. Consists of a micro:bit, a battery pack, an edge connector, a BMP280/BME280 barometric pressure sensor and jumper cables. All packed into two layers of watertight clear plastic or silicone bags, supported by some weights to compensate the buoyant force.

Software, Libraries and Tools

uLisp Programming Language
Version of the Lisp programming language specifically designed to run on processors with a limited amount of RAM.
IchigonQuest for micro:bit beta
Programming your micro:bit without a laptop or tablet.
A new programming language inspired by Scratch that runs right inside microcontroller boards such as the micro:bit, the NodeMCU and many Arduino boards.
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