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Waitangi Mountain Bike Park News - 2
MAY 2017
PHOTO: Jeff Carter - Pakonga, rider Kevin Stanbra.
Welcome to the second edition of WMBP NEWS - Thanks for signing up and/or Registering to Ride - which means you will be first to be 'in the know' with all the goings on at our favourite place to be - The WMBPIt has been a while since we published WMBP NEWS but with so much going on at the Park and with so many people to thank - it is high time we did. However, we start off on a serious note...
PF OLSEN will commence harvesting in the WAITANGI ENDOWMENT FOREST as of the week beginning 5 June. Logging will be taking place in compartments on the northern side of Te Wairoa Rd, in the (flatish) area, north west of the Te Puke cones.  There will potentially be up to 90 truck movements a day on Te Puke Rd, the western end of Te Wairoa Rd, and Bledisloe Rd.

Please keep off the roads! Bikes are only allowed on Te Wairoa Rd from the carpark down to Manuka Rd. All other roads in the WMBP are off limits. Use HOLLAND DAYS from Manuka Rd to get to Bledisloe Rd and into Zone 3. Use ON THE UP to get up to the Bledisloe summit from the bottom of Bledisloe Rd. 
This is the first time that harvest has been active within the forest since the opening of WMBP, so it is really important that we can demonstrate that it is possible for us all to be in there safely together. Please obey all signage and take extra care at road crossings. Not to be taken lightly - a logging truck bearing down on you - it's a matter of life and death!
Check out one of our favourite reviews from 3xploreNZ
"Things do not happen, things are made to happen."  John F. Kennedy
Time to acknowledge our great team and all of the efforts,
both up on the hill and behind the scenes, that enabled us to bring you Zone 3… 
Designed By JEFF CARTER of "SOUTHSTAR TRAILS and built by SOUTHSTAR TRAILS - SCOTT TAYLOR, LLOYD JENKS, GAB TEBIB, CAMERON DODD, CHARLIE MAKEAGREG PROUSE and ANDREW YOUNGER CONTRACTING - ANDREW YOUNGER, RYAN LOVETT and MARTIN CONNELL. This collection of trail crew have created yet more tracks for us that are nothing less than world class. Working alongside was STEVE MCMANUS and his kiwi dog FLOW, KERE GEORGE'S whanau from Waikare on corridor clearance, and JONO CARPENTER providing archaeological advice.  Tangata Whenua - HONE TIATOA, RIO GREENING, ARNOLD MAUNSELL, HERA DEAR and NGATI KAWA TAITUHA, regularly in the forest, walking marked tracks, providing guidance and support, or sharing knowledge and historical content in relation to the many aspects of the project. The DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION has the final walkthrough and provides the final sign off and approval of all tracks prior to opening. (Thanks to volunteers MICHAEL CHAMPTALOUP and PETE RICHARDS for the days spent shuttling Tiff and STEVE MACMANUS around the park to complete this part of the process.)
And making this all happen, with the Project Driver TIFF HOLLAND, is the WMBP TEAM. To get a whole zone open is no mean feat and it is not just about building tracks. There is a myriad of elements that must combine, all at the right time, to open a sweet single track. The track approval process prior to build, contractor management, H&S management, updating all Emergency Services info, trail names, trail descriptions and new content for the website, paper maps, map app, hub map, volunteer days, register to ride tags/systems and marketing, to name just a few!
Keeping this all going is the FOCUS PAIHIA COMMUNITY CHARITABLE TRUST BOARD - GRANT HARNISH, ROGER DOLD, CRAIG SALMON, NGATI KAWA TAITUHA, MARTY ROBINSON, GEOFF WILLIAMS and CHRIS WILLIAMS. Roger, Grant and Chris work on funding applications and are responsible for the great success that we have had to date and  with (fingers crossed!) more to come. Chris, FPCCT Treasurer, expertly manages the WMBP books, contractor payments and the reporting required for the significant grants. Ngati Kawa and Marty provide cultural and historical guidance and Craig is our IT guru, programmer and manager of our Register to Ride systems. Geoff and his wife KATH WILLAIMS operate the FOCUS PAIHIA OP SHOP which is the engine room behind many of our community projects. 
RACHEL FUSSELL provides immeasurable support, sharing the load. Not to mention the creation and installation all of the signage throughout the Park, with Rachel often seen out armed with a post rammer and ANGUS ROSS not far behind - who hand dug in all of the posts in Zone 3! A great effort.

MICHELLE ACKERS from SALT AIR is the whiz behind our cool website. JONNY MARTIN from PAIHIA MOUNTAIN BIKE RENTALS helps with marketing and our Facebook Page. And lastly ROBIN HOLLAND (who masterminded the WMBP idea) - keeps our Project Driver going, is a fountain of ideas and provides a regular sounding board. He also assumes the many family responsibilities as Tiff yet again disappears into the forest!

It is thanks to the determination and drive of all of those above, that we have WMBP and AWESOME ZONE 3! Thanks Team!
And an extra special thank you to NORTHLAND REGIONAL COUNCIL and FOUNDATION NORTH for funding this season of trail building - supporting growth and health for our region. We couldn't have made this much fun without you!
The WMBP TEAM recently held a special hui with tangata whenua to discuss a proposal for trails at the Te Puke Cones, in Zone 4 of the Park. A site visit to Te Puke was followed by further discussions at PARAWHENUA MARAE and WAITANGI MARAE. The visit to Te Puke was a magnificent day and not only memorable, but monumental for the project. This site is of significant value to tangata whenua so it is important that cultural and archeological values are protected within the area. 
Many hands contributed to this important occasion - Thank you to NGATI KAWA TAITUHA, HONE TIATOA, RIO GREENINGARNOLD MAUNSELL, CRAIG SALMON, MARTY ROBINSON and CHRIS WILLIAMS for all of their support and guidance. Thank you to all of the whanau who joined us on Te Puke and to all those at PARAWHENUA and WAITANGI MARAE, for the warm welcome and delicious food. Thanks to JEFF CARTER and JONO CARPENTER for heading once again north to provide their expertise in the korero. Thanks to CHARLIE, VAUGHAN and MEL WITTS, JONNY MARTIN, STEVE MARTIN, TAUNAHA SMITH and ROBIN HOLLAND for helping TIFF set up and pack up the picnic site. Thanks to FULLERS GREATSIGHTS for providing the bus f.o.c. and to the WAITANGI NATIONAL TRUST for the loan of the gazebo and chairs. Thanks to ALOHA SEAVIEW RESORT for providing accommodation for Jono and his whanau and to CHARLIE and MEL for having Jeff and co. There is no doubt that this is indeed a community project. Nga mihi.
PHOTOS: Thanks to Linda Tiatoa, Jeff Carter & Robin Holland
Open as of Queen's Birthday Weekend, for your riding pleasure - the HOLLAND DAYS LOOP
Distance: 690m single side, 1.4km full loop,  Grade 2 – Easy. Two Way.
Masterfully crafted by ANDREW YOUNGER CONTRACTING trail crew, RYAN LOVETT and MARTIN CONNELL, the HOLLAND DAYS LOOP is a lovely new family style track. It features some cool trackside rock work, thanks to Marty's signature effort and style. Located at the western end of HOLLAND DAYS, near Bledisloe Rd, the HOLLAND DAYS LOOP is in a part of forest so beautiful, it deserved more than just the one single track. The destination provides a great route for little (or beginner ) legs - through HOLLAND DAYS to Bledisloe Rd, around the LOOP and home again. It is important to remember that like HOLLAND DAYS, the LOOP is a two way track. It is gently flowing, never gaining or losing much altitiude but always keeping you on your toes. Enjoy! Photos: Ryan Lovett.
It was ROBERT BYRNE that said 'Winter is Nature's way of saying UP YOURS!" 
… And true enough there has been some periods of heavy rain in the past few months, not to mention the recent onslaught of Cyclone Cook. Volunteer crews are often out checking the tracks and during this period, although there was quite a bit of water about, everything was rideable. Luckily WMBP trails do not need very long to dry out and the older trails over in Zone 2 are already packed hard. 
Huge thanks for being our eyes on the tracks... JAKE HARNISH, JAMES and SAM OXLEY, ROBIN HOLLAND, CHARLIE WITTS CREW, JONNY MARTIN, PETE RICHARDS and TIFF.  Thanks to ZAP AROUND E BIKES for the loan of bikes for some of the missions.
Trail Checkin - James, Jake, Sam & Robin
Also it was frantic clean up behind the forestry thinning crews just prior to the school holidays. Though the guys had done their best to drop the trees beside the tracks, there were many tips still poking out with pinecones and shrapnel all over the place. Thanks to CHARLIE WITTS and his CREW for their quick response assisted by volunteers PETE RICHARDS, SCRATCH and TIFF. They had the place looking mint, just in time and just as well, as WMBP was slammed with record numbers -  over 700 rides in just the first 5 days of the holidays! 

Recent winds have seen more trees down in ZONE 2, left vulnerable after thinning. Huge thanks to local legend BRUCE GORDON who got in there with Tiff, at the drop of hat last week, to take care of more than a few dangerous coat hangers, littering  TE CORNER.
PETE, TIFF and JONNY were out in the Park again last week grooming HOOKIO, WAITANGI ROLLER COASTER and TE ARANGA HOU. These favourite tracks getting the love they deserve.  Thanks for your efforts guys!
It was a very last minute ‘shoulder tapped’ working bee up on the hill on 21 April. With a huge crew of Auckland riders heading our way the pressure was on to get the place mint for the weekend. Cyclone Cook left us soggy in spots, particularly in the pockets of native that do not have the chance to dry out so quick. So the A TEAM took to the barrows and rakes and hit the native switches in TE RANGI HONONGA (Zone 3 uphill) with a good dose of dirty gap 20.
Thanks to NEIL CATES and the team AT BROADSPECTRUM QUARRY for donating all of the material and to TAYLOR TEIXIERA and MAHALO TRANSPORT - HIAB SPECIALISTS for the speedy and complimentary site delivery. Thanks to SALT AIR - GRANT HARNISH and TROY O’DONOGHUE for their crucial support – making these monumental tasks so much easier for our volunteers. It was response without hesitation from these local businesses who are incredibly generous and supportive with this great project.Also to the ANDREW YOUNGER CONTRACTING crew - ANDREW YOUNGER, RYAN & MARTY for their assistance and expertise.
We got the worst of it done, but there is still a little bit more that needs attention so we will tackle that in the near future. Also next on the hit list are the HUA’s in Zone 2 – HUA LINK and HUA HILL. Stay tuned!
The efforts above were well worth it -  the visiting AUCKLAND CYCLING GROUP had a fantastic time, giving rave reviews. As a community driven/funded project 'word of mouth' is one of the few tools we have - so we are glad that it is proving WMBP to be sharp! Thanks for all the feedback ACG! To share in the warm fuzzies some of thier comments are below. PHOTOS:Courtesy of Akld. Cycling  Grp.
As the organiser for the ACG (Auckland Cycling Group - the Jaffas that were visiting... I'd like to say thank you on behalf of all our members for putting in this huge effort to ensure all the trails were rideable during our 4 days in your lovely part of the world. All 45 of us had an absolute blast of a time and just love the trails you have put together!!!! About half of us secured an annual tag as we expect to be back and the others contributed towards a cash donation from our group to go towards your trail fund... we look forward to seeing more trail goodness rolling out in the coming years. Keep up the fabulous work guys, it is seriously appreciated
"Huge thanks to everyone as one of the Auckland riders the new trails are fantastic been great to see the park grow. Looking forward to the new sections getting built totally epic mountain bike park"
"The Jaffa's loved it, big thanks to all and Richard Paver for showing us around. Great trails and top weather"
"We are loving riding your trails...4 days of heaven. We appreciate your hard work"
"Thanx for all your hard work. Much appreciated. Will be back to ride the trails! This is such a fantastic asset for your region"
"Wow!! thanks you guys the tracks were awesome, we had so much fun and we loved every bit of it. Will surely be back. Thank you"
"Thanks Waitangi MTB Wonders Workers! You should be so proud of yourselves for what you have done. We the ACG had an amazing time, fantastic tracks and everyone loved those hill climbs!!! Unbelievable effort and feel rewarded for the joy and fun you have created for us and many others to come. Big respect!"
A big thank you to CARL LE HERON who regularly gets down to the hub for a tidy up with his mower, around the Pou, toilets and sign shelter. Thanks to JOHN and PHILLIP BAYLY for the mow of the greater paddock area. Sadly our gardens and plantings took a nailing from some wild pigs but we'll be sprucing them up again soon.

The ST JOHN AMBULANCE and PAIHIA VOLUNTEER FIRE BRIGADE recently been carrying out rescue exercises in the WMBP. Thanks to volunteer 'crashed riders' HAYDEN and KIERAN - Oscar winning performances! It has been a smooth and swift response from the 2 crews and so cool to see their teamwork and skills in action. Thanks to ROBYN and SHANE SCHRAFT and REX WILSON for organising it - a huge thank you for being so proactive in the Park. Rest assured riders - we are in safe hands... should we come a cropper! Much respect to all the volunteers @Stjohn ambulance and Paihia Volunteer Fire Brigade.
Please get in touch (via message on the WMBP Facebook or text  021 050 4350) if you are concerned about track conditions, trees down, any obstacles or maintenance issues. Sadly we can't be out there checking the tracks 24/7 - as much as we would love to! 

Our volunteers sort issues as soon as they are reported, so if you come across something - it is likely that we do not know about it. We are getting lots of cred for the care shown in maintaining our tracks. If everyone can be the eyes and the ears of the park we can keep it awesome for all riders.
Thanks Hunter and Jonny - reporting in 'tree down' on Taro Road.
Security and access is an important aspect of the WMBP. Thanks to TINY and the TEAM at NORTHLAND SECUIRTY for keeping an eye on the place, for locking up each night and opening up in weekends and also to RICHARD TAKIMOANA and the WAITANGI NATIONAL TRUST crew who step in to the job from time to time.
Never a dull moment for WMBP - The build has now commenced over in Zone 5. This Zone is OFF LIMITS. There is still a significant amount of work to be done to complete this zone. Aside from the obvious health & safety risks,  if you ride a track when it's too fresh, before it has had a chance to harden and bed in - you will ruin it. The soft ride line left behind is not only ugly, it creates ruts and pooling. Nothing gets a trail builder more riled than a gash through the length of the tread or a pristine new track! 'Track Cam' is operating in the area - if you ride Zone 5 prior to opening, you will be seen. Zone 5 remains closed until further notice. Riding on Zone 5 trails, whether they be under construction or complete, is currently strictly prohibited.
Who likes Parasailing? The awesome crew at FLYING KIWI PARASAIL,​ have kindly donated a parasailing experience for ONE LUCKY REGISTERED RIDER. Definitely a bucket-list activity while here in Paihia! All you need to do to be in with a chance for this great prize is be Registered to Ride before 10 June 2017. 
WMBP has been built by the blood sweat and tears of countless community volunteers for all our benefit. We now need you to do your bit… if you have not done so already please REGISTER TO RIDE and encourage others to do the same.

How? REGISTER and DONATE online @ then PICK UP your WMBP TAGS and FREE MAP from these handy locations: Paihia iSITE; Fullers GreatSights; Paihia Mountain Bike Rentals, Waitangi Hoilday Park, Bay of Islands Information Office, Hunter Cycles - Kerikeri.

Every user is encouraged to register to ride by making a minimum annual donation of $25. This money goes towards trail maintenance and is vital for the sustainability of the Park. Donors receive a free map and two coloured plastic tags. One tag is for your bike – very uncool to be seen without one – and a smaller one for your key ring to be flashed around town for great incentives…
We have had a number of requests from visitors who are keen to donate, but are only here for a day, or who can only ride for one day - and not keen for the annual registration. So, in response to this we have introduced a one day $10 donation option for visitors. 'Day Donors' are provided with a luggage tag style sticker with the days date on it, which once removed from their bike, can be used similarly to the annual tags -  for the great incentives offered around town - But only for that one day. This option also comes with a free map.  'Pay on pick up' and available from our regular distribution sites  (Isite, Fullers Greatsights and the BOI Information and Booking Office, Hunter Cycles, Waitangi Holiday Park and Paihia Mountain Bike Rentals).

We have some handy new locations where you can pick up your tags - in Waitangi, PAIHIA MOUNTAIN BIKE RENTALS and the WAITANGI HOLIDAY PARK and in Kerikeri, HUNTER CYCLES.
Also new to the Register to Ride incentive programme is FAR NORTH CYCLE REPAIRS - 20% off all parts & service,  OUTRIGGER MOTEL and WAITANGI HOLIDAY PARK - 10% off accommodation and KERIKERI ORGANICS CREATIVE JUICES - 10% of all juices. Thank you to the above business and all involved in the programme - helping us keep this dream alive!
Thank you to all of our incentive providers for their generous support. 
Remember to get your WMBP circle tag out, when you are out and about...
Kebabulous – $1 off all kebabs
Flying Kiwi Parasail – $20 off per flight
Salt Air – 15% off all flights for direct bookings
Bay Physio – 10% off initial assessment appointment
Sky Dive Bay of Islands – 10% of camera package
Explore NZ – 20% off all products
Thirty30 – $1 off all drinks
Ruffino Pizza – 10% off everything
Bay of Islands Parasail – $10 off per flight
Fullers Great Sights – 10% off tours and cruises – not including ferries
Ake Ake Vineyard – 10% discount off Ake Ake cellar door wines
and additional 5% off already discounted wines.
Bay Cabinz – 12% off accommodation when booking direct with them
Fitness Hub – 20% Discount off the Gym Daily Rate
el Cafe – 10% discount off all purchases
Beehaven Bee Tours – $5 off per person for groups of two or more. Bookings essential.
Edgewater Palms – 15% off accommodation for direct bookings

Outrigger Motel – 10% off accommodation for direct bookings
Waitangi Holiday Park – 10% discount
Far North Cycle Repairs – 20% off parts and service
Kerikeri Organics Creative Juices – 10% off all juices
For those of you that missed the boat on the last WMBP Bespoke T-shirt order…  here's your chance!
For a limited time we are again taking orders for Waitangi Mountain Bike Park T-shirts and new this season, the WMBP Hoodie. All profits from these sales go directly back to the Park… by purchasing merchandise you are helping to keep this fantastic Park maintained. 
This offer is available for THREE WEEKS ONLY
1 June - 23 June

The garments are great quality and the logo is a screen print, as opposed to digital print, so it will last and last! You choose the colour and the colour of the logo. It's very easy. The attached order form has all you need to know to get your t-shirt and hoodie order underway, including sizing, colour options, payment requirements & delivery method.
ORDERS ARE OPEN FOR THREE WEEKS ONLY as of NOW and will close on Friday 23 June 2017. We will require your completed order form returned by e-mail and payment to have been made before we can get your bespoke logo/t-shirt/hoodie printed up. Please note that we will not be accepting any orders after this date. These bespoke orders only come around a few times a year, so don't miss out!
For more details click to view/print WMBP MERCHANDISE ORDER FORM.
Any queries please contact;

We are on the lookout for great shots of you having fun out there in WMBP - please send us your favourites so that we can share the love and show even more people out there how awesome this place is! Anything will be better than this joker on the camera! Email images with credit and caption to
WMBP is always desperate for great pics so Jeff kindly caught some of the action of his mates MIKE ROBERTSON  and KEVIN STANBRA for us, when they were up on a recent trip from Rotorua. Thanks for your early morning efforts guys and for the trail tweaks too - all greatly appreciated!
  • The forest is CURRENTLY actively logged – keep off the roads as signage indicates.
  • Always carry a cell phone for safety. Coverage is patchy within the forest. We recommend riding in pairs.
  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Ride within your limits.
  • Know where you are - Take a map! 
The Forest is shared by many recreational users – horse riders, mountain bikers, walkers and hikers. SAFE RIDING ETIQUETTE is a must. It is important to keep all users safe and happy.  
We promote a friendly environment at the Waitangi Mountain Bike Park.
Go hard, be safe.
Register to Ride
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