Ah, September! You are the doorway to the season that awakens my soul... but I must confess that I love you only because you are a prelude to my beloved October. -- Peggy Toney Horton
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Almost Back To School!

The seasons are changing again - it was misty this morning, and as I've noted elsewhere, the smell in the air has changed from warm, ripe blackberries to leaves that are preparing for winter.

It must be changing, I finished the shawl I started last spring.  I think the weave is a little looser than I intended and I think I may have miscalculated length by about 8-10 inches, but not so much that it'll be a problem - I think I planned for 60 inches and I think next time I do a shawl, I'll aim for 80 or 90. Regardless, it turned out pretty well for a first time plaid attempt.  :)  I think I also need to knit a new pair of gloves for this winter. I lost a pair last winter, of a pattern I like knitting, so... maybe they'll be done by next summer. LOL.  I also need to figure out what to put on the loom next.  I am gathering ideas. I have quite a bit of yarn left over from the shawl - I thought I was going to use all of the yarn and... not even close.  Math was never my strongest suit... at least I had plenty of yarn left over rather than running out early!  Gloves for the win!

And one of the many other things I'm thinking about is Back To School.  A kiddo going to high school and a kiddo going to college (eek!).  Big changes for all of us!  New schools bring new kids and new teachers and New School Supplies!  EEEE! We get to go into office supply stores!  I love those stores.  Too. Much.  I don't buy pens so much any more since I switched to fountain pens, so that holds a little less appeal, though it's always fun to stand in the test pen section and mess around with the different pens. But looking at all the different blank notebooks and paper and sitting in the chairs and wandering up and down all the aisles looking at things. Gotta be prepared for new teachers and classes, y'know? 

Mostly just looking forward to this week being over. It's been a long week, everyone I've talked to is just shaking their heads about this week.  Hard drives dying, computers blue screening, last second fire drills, surprise departures, and etc.  And that's all without looking at the news. A fellow I work with was saying he was going to go home tonight and sit and rock catatonically while watching the Seahawks and pretending this week just never happened.  Fair.  Totally fair!

So yes - looking forward to this weekend and back to school shopping, and some good family time!  Because it's Labor Day weekend!  And you know what that means?  That means it's going to be MUSHROOM SEASON SOON!  So excite! Also: Halloween!  But first things first, back to school and an equinox. :)

I hope your week has been shockingly smooth and calm, and if it hasn't may it be so soon.

With love and curiosity,


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