Don't look around for the path you are meant to follow, forge it yourself.” 
― Toni Sorenson
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Forging New Boundaries

Phix's Curiosity: what sparks my interest

Watch this space to see what's sparked my interest this week.  A random grab bag of delights!

Forging. I've binge watched and caught up on Forged in Fire.  The whole process of transmuting raw metals into something functional is just really fascinating to me.  AND. I would totally watch a show on weaving or spinning or knitting that was done in a similar style. Showing the interesting bits, the detail, the delight as something starts to take form... You know? It's all about the process of creation and evolution of something from a raw material into something that is beautiful, that may (or may not!) be functional. But yeah.  Forging. It's a thing in my world that I find totally riveting...

Medusa's Garden

When you need every one and everything around you to just stop.

So an idea I've been chewing on this week, last week around boundaries is the idea that boundaries not only delineate where others need to stop, but it also delineates the space you need to fill.  Like - a boundary issue can be that someone has encroached on space that you are meant to fill and they are blocking you from filling that space, but there's also a responsibility on your part to step INTO that space and fill it as well.  There can be no one in your space, and a boundary transgression can happen because YOU are not in the space that you are meant to be filling. 

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, keeping ourselves "small" because we have self-limiting beliefs from old patterns in our lives that we need to let go.  We all have spaces we need to grow into so that we are fully embodying the reaches of our own boundaries.  

Ariadne's Yarn: playing with threads

What I'm up to with fiber and possibly how mythology and stories all tie together.

Knitty-knitty-knitty-knitty.  A row is still a significant commitment, but I think I'm closing in on Done Enough. And then we'll see how badly I messed up the pattern... 

Spinny-spinny-spinny-spinny.  I'm really pleased with the way this yarn is turning out.  All soft and fluffy and pretty and lofty!  The question is, what to make with it though... It might be a pair of gloves.  But with as light and lofty as it is, it might be a hat or a knit scarf... I'm pretty sure this will be some sort of knit project, but time will tell!

Mythic Librarian: the art of arranging a life 

Thoughts on ontology and ways to organize a life.

So, this week I *finally* rolled over one of my old 401Ks from an old job. I've had this on my list to do for literally *years*.  And now it's done. I had a whole handful of other phone calls/appointments that had been piling up behind it because every time I needed to make an appointment or a phone call, I'd think, ugh, that thing, I need to do that too & then I'd put them all off and the list was growing.  NOW what I need to do, now that the roll over is taken care of, is make all the rest of those calls/appointments.  But, the hard one is over, so now it's just a matter of settling in with the calendar and phone and just push through them... 

With love, and structure, and organization, and curiosity - may Ariadne's ball of yarn guide you through the labyrinth safely until next time!


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