You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you.
-- Isadora Duncan
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Puttin' On My Top Hat.

What have I been thinking about this week?  A lot of stuff.  A lot of content strategy, project management, more content stuff, more project management stuff... and how hard it is to watch a loved one go through something difficult.  

Some how this results in me watching a lot of dance videos.  I dunno.  So without further ado...

What I really love about this one is not only the precision and fluidity of movement, but also the interaction and playing with lights.
Totally different playing with lights in this one!  Grace, mad skills, torches, and humor make for a great take on the classic dance off.
Just seriously -- how long are their legs!?  They never end!  
I have an inordinate fondness for Rihanna's Umbrella-ella-ella-ella and this is just super sassy and water! and flames! and it defines Go Big Or Go Home.  Just not a lot of restraint here and it's awesome.
Jumps big enough that a huge space seems too small to contain them. 
Ooooohhh, and it's down the rat hole now -- because once you start talking dance, Bob Fosse's going to come up, he just is because that's how it goes.
Totally in the rat hole - I keep forgetting to come back and post.  Here's a spider -- that extension is amazing.
Since it was referenced earlier, it seems only appropriate to show the entire actual 'Singing In The Rain'. 
Yep. So many that I forgot to put in here, but at least it's a start and now you can all go continue to rat hole -- there's so much out there!  Srsly - you didn't think I'd forget though!? It's the title of this entire newsletter!  Fred...
With love, dancing, and curiosity,
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