You exist as the stars exist,
participating in their stillness, their immensity.

― Louise Glück
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It's March.  You know what that means.

That's right.  Pi Day!  3/14.  Because who doesn't love Pi?


I guess what I'll say about anyone not liking Pi is... All the more for us.

I guess what else that means this year is that some people are celebrating Lent. Everyone got their Fat Tuesday on the last possible day of February, then we started off March with Ash Wednesday. I guess that's one way to start one of the longer months of the year!

As I'm out and about, I see evidence that maybe winter will end.  My crocuses are coming up.  The daffodils are getting there. My daphne is about to bloom, I see all sorts of little buds on things that look like they're not quite ready to get on with the business of spring.  

It's always this time of year that I come up with grand plans for the yard. We have a tendency to get yards that are somewhat unruly, and that's no different here.  We also have a tendency to get houses that have one "clever" "crafts" man. This house has a less than ideally created brick terracing in front.  It's interesting to have a bunch of larger and smaller plots in which to think about arranging things.  Unfortunately, about a foot, foot and a half down it's gravel for drainage, so some things we might like to put in, wouldn't do well at all.  Bit by bit though, we're figuring out what grows well where. 

Besides continuing to work on that space, there's so many other places to work on.  Last year I got half the backyard's blackberries pulled out.  This year I need to do the other half.  And go through and pull all the ivy that's invading from our neighbors' yards.  Again.  I really like ivy as a house plant.  I really hate ivy in my yard.  It's a terribly terrible invasive monster of a plant, even worse than the Himalayan blackberries, which at least provide a tasty fruit, though I don't let the ones in my yard get to that point because no.

And last year we didn't rake up the maple leaves in the back.  Or... the year before that.  There's no lawn to destroy, so that's not so much of a worry, but maple leaves, piled down with fir needles also don't make the best compost for anything else but weeds.  Still, bit by bit, we'll get it cleaned up and then we can figure out what to do with it, space by space.

Some of that will take remediation.  We are dug into a clay hill.  In our last house we had two rosemary bushes that I dug into gravel.  They thrived, ridiculously so.  Here, I've put them in actually relatively ok dirt, and they're... not thriving.  They're still alive, but not growing nearly as fast as I would have expected, so more compost or something for them.  I do love a good rosemary bush!

I look at the beautiful things on Pinterest and have so many ideas... and I want a beautiful yard now!  But chipping away at it, by bit will have to be how it goes.  
By the time the winter and early spring storms have passed, maybe I'll have settled on something specific to do in the yard this year.  Then again, we may just work randomly on things and see what comes of it all eventually.  

In the meantime, I enjoy things as they appear. :)

Looking forward to spring with curiosity,


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