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Halfway Through the Year

It always happens faster than I think it will, even though I start off the year with, 'whelp! It's almost over already!'  It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were headed into March.  

Now we are heading into the hot quarter.  Most of this week has been relatively pleasant.  Last weekend was witheringly hot for our area and girl child #2 didn't wear sufficient sunscreen and got pretty darn toasted.  Something something lessons about sunscreen.

In the past two days, I have seen wild bunnies each day.  Wednesday, I took myself out on a walk after lunch to try to shake off the sleepies, and there was a little deer-faced wild hare eating the carefully manicured landscaping (you know, like you do), and then as I was leaving campus Thursday, one casually bounced across the intersection like no big deal in front of me.  Also, all the roses are in bloom and they're all over the place and warm roses in bloom smell amazing on the early summer breeze.  

The sun was out tonight until 9:10pm.  The days are as long as they'll get, though I probably won't notice them getting shorter until late September.  Sometimes I think it's odd that "mid-summer" is really the beginning of our summer, with the heat and the warmth of the season yet to come.  It's always felt like those quarter marks are off by about six weeks to me. And yet, those days have other seasonal events.

Something else I've been thinking about, courtesy of @MythologyBot on the twitters is the following:

in hell
I'm trying to think of a time when I heard a story that was even remotely similar. Often I'm familiar at least with something in the vicinity of the indexed component, but not this one.  And yet it exists! And furthermore, someone even indexed it!  Perhaps something to look into tomorrow.  Because who doesn't need a good story of tigers in hell up their sleeves!

Hoorah!  Something new to wake up curious about!

In love and curiosity,
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